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Anoad na Gaeilge Baile

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About Aonad na Gaeilge

Aonad na Gaeilge is the Irish language promotion unit at the University of Limerick. It was established at the University of Limerick in February 2001 and is housed in the Languages Building on campus. Among the responsibilities of Aonad na Gaeilge are:

  • the promotion of the Irish language and Irish language activities in UL;
  • support for teaching, learning and research through Irish;
  • support services for academic courses in Irish;
  • advisory function in relation to bilingual policy and implications of the Official Languages Act, 2003 for UL.

The Unit also has a strong association with Cumann Merriman.

Irish language courses

The Unit provides a range of courses at various levels for:

  • the campus community, including students and staff;
  • the general public;
  • the public sector;
  • B.Ed. students (a module in professional Irish);
  • study abroad students (three beginners Irish modules);
  • part-time students (for example, a popular Certificate/Diploma in Irish evening programme). 

Cúpla Ceist

'Cúpla Ceist' is a series of interviews featuring the UL campus community in conversation. Enjoy!  

cupla ceist 1

cupla ceist 2

Cúpla Ceist 3 

Éamonn & Susan  Noel & Joe Ita & Josephine
Cúpla Ceist 4 Cúpla Ceist 5 Cúpla Ceist 6
Fionnuala & Brown Thomas Jim & Hashimé Éamonn & Con
Cúpla Ceist 7 Cúpla Ceist 8  Cúpla Ceist 9
Ciara & Peadar Olivia & Jerry Flannery/Barry Murphy Maureen & Jim
Cúpla Ceist 10  Cúpla Ceist 11  
Emmeline & Jerry Natalie & Roland  







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