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Class Timetables Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access my timetable?

Students can access their timetables at one week in advance of the start of term.


There is a module missing from my timetable

Check your registration.  If you are not registered for the module, or if you made a late change in choice of module, it will not appear on your timetable. 


Module timetables are available on the web at


There is a wrong module on my timetable

Check what modules you are registered for. The reason this module is appearing on your timetable is because you are currently register for this module. Please email or call to the Student Academic Administration counter to query your module registration and update it accordingly.


If your personalised timetable is wrong after Week 2 there will be no further student downloads. Students will have to go to (Module Timetable) to get the lecture details and contact the lecturer to find out what tutorials and labs to attend.


Can I change to a different lab or tutorial time?          

You must ask your lecturer.  Student Academic Administration cannot allocate you to a different group.


How are students assigned to tutorial groups?

After the download is done in Week 1 for the autumn semester, SAA fit the students and assign them to tutorial and lab groups which can be viewed on Friday Week 2 in their personalised timetables ( under Student Timetable). Students who do not register in week 1 in autumn cannot be issued with a personalised timetable. 


In spring, all students can access their timetables from the web one week in advance of the start of semester and the tutorial and labs are included at this time.


When do students get assigned to tutorial groups?

Students get assigned to tutorial and lab groups on Friday of Week 2 for autumn and for the spring timetable all students can access their timetables from the web one week in advance of the start of semester.


Why is my timetable blank?

Check your registration. Timetables cannot be generated for students who do not pre-register/register on time.


Module timetables are available on the web at 


Some courses are not scheduled by Student Academic Administration.  In this case, students must check class times with the department responsible for their course.

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