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Class Timetable




Class Timetable

o The Scheduling Team are responsible for production of the Central Class Timetable for Teaching Weeks 1-12.

o Data for class timetable production is gathered via Academic Scheduling Constraints System (ASCS)

o An Events/All Staff email is sent out to advise Faculty that the data collection process has begun and what the deadline will be.

o Scheduling data for your module/s should be provided to your Head of Department of (or) Scheduling Co-ordinator for input to ASCS

o Autumn Timetable data is gathered the February/March before the relevant semester

o Spring Timetable data is gathered the July/August before the relevant semester

o The timetable is issued as early as possible in advance of the start of term. Faculty are notified of the publication of the timetable by Events/All Staff email.

o Course, Module, Lecturer, Room and Student timetables are published through the web at Room Details, Module Details and Timetable Explanation can also be viewed on this web page

o Any issues with the published timetable should be taken up with your Head of Department or Scheduling Co-ordinator. All queries should be submitted via email by the Head of Department or Scheduling Co-ordinator.



Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty




       What type of detail do I need to consider for the timetable?

         Constraints for external lecturers

         Constraints for part-time courses

         What room is required for labs?

         Maximum Lab/Tut group sizes

         What modules need to be scheduled together?

         Are there requests for changes going to APRC which will affect the timetable?


       How are timetables issued to first year students for the Autumn Semester?

         First year students are given their LM course code at their Orientation week Course meeting.  They can view their timetable at under "1st Year Lecture Only" link, using their LM code and Year.  During Week 2, a personalised timetable is generated for each first year student.  This details the laboratory and tutorial groups they must attend as well as all their lecture hours.  This is available by close of business on Friday of week 2 at  Students who do not register in week 1 cannot be issued with a personalised timetable. 

         In spring, all students can access their timetables from the web one week in advance of the start of semester.


       Where can I get a list of all the students assigned to each lab and tutorial group?

           An Events/All Staff email is sent out in advance of the start of term with a link to a file detailing who is allocated to each group.  If students do not register, they will not be listed in any group.  Student timetabling is entirely dependent on student registrations.




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