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Exam Timetables


End of semester assessments are held on Week 14 and 15 of the academic calendar. Refer to Academic Calendar for specific dates. There are 3 exam sessions daily from Monday to Saturday over the two weeks, these are scheduled at 9am, 12.30pm and 4pm. There are also three evening sessions scheduled to accommodate evening courses, which start at 7pm. Repeat examinations take place the week commencing the 23rd August 2010. Refer to Academic Calendar for specific dates. There are two sessions daily from Monday to Friday (Saturday also if necessary) these are scheduled at 10am and 2pm.

Timeline of Exam Scheduling

  • Start of Semester:
    • On starting to teach a module, the faculty member or members responsible for teaching the module shall outline to the students the objectives of the module, the criteria on which assessment is to be based and the weighting allocated to each assessment instrument associated with the module. The faculty member shall also indicate the repeat assessment instrument(s) associated with the module. See Section on Non-repeatable modules.
  • Week 1 of Semester:
    • The module on offer report for the current semester is sent out to the departments requesting verification of the information on this report.
      The deadline for this information to be returned to SAA is the end of Week 2.
  • Week 2 of Semester:
    • An email is sent which should be distributed to all relevant faculty requesting them to fill in the 'End of Semester Exam Requirements Form'.
      The deadline for this information to be submitted is the end of Week 4.
  • Week 5 of Semester:
    • The exam requirements information is entered into the Scheduling software to ensure that these requests are met. The download of module and student registrations from SI to the Scheduling software occurs. The actual scheduling of the exam timetable will then take place.
  • Week 9 of Semester:
    • The provisional timetable is published and an email is sent to all department administrators. The timetable is also available on the web and on the notice board outside the Student Academic Administration office.  Students are advised to contact their class representative if there is a genuine difficulty with the provisional timetable.  Any request for scheduling changes must come from the lecturer responsible for the module in email format to the Student Academic Administration Office.  The deadline for requesting changes to the provisional timetable is usually 4 days after the provisional timetable is published which is Thursday of Week 9.
  • Week 11 of Semester:
    • An ITD Mail is sent out with the final timetable. The timetable is also available on and on the SAA noticeboard.
  • Tuesday of Week 13 (Tuesday before the exams start date):
    • All exam papers must be delivered to the Student Academic Administration office by this date.
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