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Step By Step Guide

A Step By Step Guide for Research Funding Applications

Step Procedure Supporting Documentation Notes
1 Identify Funding Source
  • Funding Opportunities listing on UL Research Intranet 
  • Weekly Research Office Newsletter - circulated by email, providing news, funding, events (receive by subscribing to Research Information mailing list)
  • Research Professional online funding search tool 
  • Other ad hoc funding alerts sent to staff via the Research Information mailing list
  • Research seminars/presentations organised by the Research Office
  • External information/networking events
  • Faculty Assistant Dean(s) of Research or other Faculty/ Department /Centre/ Institute colleagues

Examples of research funding types:

  • Projects awards
  • Scholarships (e.g. PhD students)
  • Fellowships (e.g. Postdoctoral researchers)
  • Infrastructure (e.g. equipment, facilities, buildings, etc.) 
  • Travel/Mobility (e.g. research visits, networks, placements, exchanges, etc,)

Most funding applications normally fit into one of the following categories:

  • Individual
  • Collaborative, single-institution (i.e. multiple UL applicants)
  • Collaborative, multi-institution (UL can be lead institution, or partner institution)
2 Obtain and Understand the Relevant Guidelines and Documentation
  • Relevant funding body application forms and accompanying guidelines
  • Proposal Authorisation Form - this is an internal document and is required to be completed for all external research funding applications having UL participation, for all funding sources (e.g. Funding Agency, Industry, etc)
  • Read the relevant Funding Agency Guidelines and application procedures carefully
  • All proposals should be discussed with relevant Department Heads prior to proceeding with application
3 Prepare the Proposal

Proposal development supports available from 

  • Research Support Services (proposal content)
  • Finance Office (budgets)
  • Technology Transfer Office (IP & commercialisation aspects)
4 Institutional Authorisation
  • Completed funding body application form and completed internal Proposal Authorisation Form should be submitted to the Research Office for internal check, logging and official sign-off of application
  • Where institutional sign-off required by funding body, the application is signed/stamped by Director Research Support Services
Documentation should be completed and submitted to the Research Office at least 3 working days prior to submission deadline
5 Submission to Funding Body & Logging
  • The application is submitted according to funding body procedures. Examples of submission mechanisms include email, electronic online forms, physical paper submissions, etc. It is the responsibility of the applicant(s) to ensure the submission to the body is successful
  • The application is logged and entered into the Research Office database of applications

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