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Funding Updates

IRC to offer new round of Marie Curie Fellowships

The Irish Research Council has been awarded Marie Curie funding for a new postdoctoral Fellowship programme. The first Call to open for applications in September 2016.

The programme is entitled CAROLINE - 'Collaborative Research Fellowships for a Responsive and Innovative Europe'. 50 Fellowships over two Calls are proposed.

Inter-sectoral exposure will be key to the new programme. CAROLINE will aim to attract experienced researchers from any discipline to conduct research relevant to the overarching theme of global sustainable development as set out under the United Nations 2030 Agenda for shared economic prosperity, social development, and environmental protection, and that involves collaboration between the academic sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or international organisations (IOs) - see examples below

There will be two types of Fellowships under CAROLINE:

* International Fellowships (Three Years)
Researchers awarded with an International Fellowship will spend the first two years at a partner NGO or IO outside Ireland, with a mandatory return year at a Research Performing Organisation in Ireland, with the potential for additional local secondments to an NGO or IO.

* Irish Fellowships (Two Years)
Researchers awarded with an Irish Fellowship will be hosted by a Research Performing Organisation in Ireland for two years, with mandatory secondments during this time to NGO or IO partners for research and/or training.

Preparations for the implementation of the programme are now underway, including reaching out to the IO and NGO community in Ireland and abroad to promote the programme and register expressions of interest. The Council engaged with the IO and NGO community in the development of the proposal and received strong support for and interest in hosting a Fellow as part of the programme.

A range of further information and promotional measures to raise awareness of the programme among Irish and overseas researchers will follow this advance notice.

Examples of eligible international intergovernmental organisations below (my addition)

* United Nations (UN)
* UN Development Programme (UNDP)
* Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
* International Monetary Fund (IMF)
* World Trade Organisation (WTO)
* International Energy Agency (IEA)
* International Labour Organisation (ILO)

 Ireland Canada University Foundation - deadline extension to Friday 13th February

Following an error in advertising by the Foundation, it has extended its deadline for UL applicants to the 13th February 2015

The Ireland Canada University Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which encourages and facilitates academic links between institutions and scholars in both Ireland and Canada through two principal programmes annually.

* The Dobbin Scholarship Programme which grants awards of short term visiting scholarships to both Irish and Canadian scholars in support of their research which relates to both countries.  Deadline for Irish applications: 13th of February 2015. Canadian applications and supporting documents must be received before 5.00pm, Toronto time, on Friday 20th February 2015.

* The Irish Language Programme which supports the growth and development of the Irish language in Canada Deadline: 6th of March 2015

Further details:

HORIZON 2020: 2015 Health Call now open

The European Commission has launched the 2015 call for projects under the Horizon 2020 Health, demographic change and wellbeing challenge. Please be aware that the revised versions of the Horizon 2020 work programmes (including the Health one) have been adopted and uploaded onto the Horizon 2020 website, so please ensure that you are working with the latest updated information, available now at the Participant Portal.

The Health work programme is available in the following link,

Please, note that the 2015 Health call is made of 4 different sub-calls, depending on the submission procedure (single stage or two stage), the final deadline for the submission and the funding scheme (research and innovation actions, and coordination and support actions). Specific information for each call can be found below:

1. H2020-PHC-2015-single-stage:
- Budget (€ Mn): 104.50
- Deadline: 21st  April, 2015.
- Topics (PHC):  21, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30
2. H2020-PHC-2015-single-stage_RTD:
- Budget (€ Mn): 88.00
- Deadline: 24th February, 2015.
- Topics (PHC): 9, 15, 33
3. H2020-PHC-2015-two-stage:
- Budget (€ Mn): 306.00
- Deadline (stage 1): 14th October, 2014.
- Deadline (stage 2): 21st April, 2015.
- Topics (PHC): 2, 3, 4, 11, 14, 16, 18, 22, 24
4. H2020-HCO-2015:
- Budget (€ Mn): 40.00
- Deadline: 15th April, 2014.
- Topics (HCO): 3, 6, 11, 12, 13, 17

Updates to SFI PIYRA call

The SFI President of Ireland Young Researcher Award (PIYRA) has been updated with some key changes at EoI stage. These changes are now live in Sesame, and the call document has been updated and is available on the PIYRA webpage

The key changes are outlined below, but as other more minor changes have been made we would emphasise the importance of reading the call document in detail prior to preparing and submitting an application. Please make prospective applicants from your research bodies aware that the call has been updated. Those full proposals currently under review are unaffected by these changes.

Key changes to the updated PIYRA call document:
* Change from two-page CV to five-page CV at EoI stage
* Change from one-page research description to two-page research description at EoI stage
* Inclusion of detail as to what should be included in the two-page research description
* Requirement to identify the mentor at EoI stage
* Update/clarification relating to change in SFI's remit
* Updates relating to reporting for PIYRA

Update on SFI International Strategic Cooperation Award 2014 Call

Science Foundation Ireland's International Strategic Cooperation Award (ISCA) supports research based collaborations between Irish Higher Education Institutions and organisations in four partner countries, Brazil, China, India and Japan.  The first three countries were initially funded under the 2012 ISCA call with Japan added as a  partner country in 2013.
During 2014 with the implementation of Horizon 2020, SFI is placing significant emphasis on international engagement with Europe and has recently funded a number of EU Grant Managers within SFI Research Centres to coordinate these activities.  In addition, we are continuing to engage, during 2014, with US and UK based funding agencies through a number of rolling calls.  In light of this emphasis, SFI has taken the decision not to launch a new call for ISCA funding in 2014 which would target additional partner countries, but rather to continue to focus our resources on monitoring progress within the existing consortia, which are funded until 2015 and 2016, depending on individual award start dates. 

Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs): 2014 call

A call for proposals for two new KICs will be issued on 14 February 2014 in the following areas:

1. Innovation for healthy living and active ageing; and
2. Raw materials: sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution.

Information is already available (eg. selection criteria, guidance doc, the financial rules) on the link


Science Foundation Ireland forthcoming scheme for women in science

Irish fellowships aim to retain and reclaim early-career female researchers.

The Irish government plans to launch one- and two-year postdoctoral fellowships, worth up to €185,000 each, to prompt early-career female researchers to stay in or return to the scientific workforce after childcare or other breaks. Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) in Dublin will announce the 20 or so Advance Fellowship grants by June. Currently, 35% of SFI-funded Irish postdocs and 20% of SFI-funded academic researchers are women.

Irish Cancer Society Withdrawal of funding for Research Scholarship Programme 2014

Notification from Irish Cancer Society

The Irish Cancer Society has informed us that funding for the Research Fellowships and Scholarships for 2014 has been withdrawn. This is due to due to the financial downturn experienced by the Irish Cancer Society this year. The ICS assures that these programmes will be funded in 2015. We will inform you of any updates once received.

Irish Research Council Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Pre Call Notification

In 2013-14 the Irish Research Council is offering four types of fellowship. Applicants may only apply for one Fellowship.

1 year Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship
2 Year Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship
2 Year Enterprise Partnership Postdoctoral Fellowship
3 Year ELEVATE Marie Curie International Mobility Postdoctoral Fellowship (note: webinar to be held on 21st January Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship webinar


Terms and Conditions for 2013-14 schemes are being finalised. Application materials will be available on the Irish Research Council website once the final dates for the postgraduate and postdoctoral schemes have been confirmed. In the meantime, the Research Council wishes to advise of indicative call and closing dates as follows:


IRCHSS Scheme Proposed Call Proposed Deadline
Postgraduate Scheme Late January 2013 Mid March 2013
Postdoctoral Scheme Late January 2013 End March 2013

For Postgraduate Schemes contact:

For Postdoctoral fellowships, contact:



 Irish Research Council - Schedule of Schems 2013- All Disciplines

                          Postgraduate Scholarships

Government of Ireland

                            Deadline March 2013

Enterprise Partnership Scheme

Andrew Grene Scholarship

Employment Programnme


                                  Postdoctoral Fellowships

Government of Ireland

                                 Deadline March 2013

Enterprise Partnership

ELEVATE Marie Curie International Fellowship Scheme

PI-led scheme (Arts & Humanities only)

Government of Ireland Research Projects Scheme


Research Development Initiative



New Foundations


Ulysses (Ireland -France)


Postgraduate and postdoctoral fellowships involving enterprise and other third party co-funding are multiplying, sponsored by the IRC, the new research council.
The first awards under the new Employment based postgraduate programme were notified this week. A summary of the schemes is given in the table below.

Enterprise Partnership Scheme


Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme

Elevate Postdoctoral Programme (tba)


Masters, PhD, Postdoc



Masters, PhD



Irish Research Council 66%

Enterprise partner 33%

Irish Research Council 16k + fees

Employment partner top-up to min €24k

European Commission 40%

Irish Research Council 30%

Enterprise Partner 30%


Researcher based in Irish HEI with placement opportunity in company



Researcher employed by company with placement in Irish HEI


Researcher 2 years abroad in HEI or company/organisation and 1 year return to Irish HEI


Company based anywhere



Company based in Ireland


Company based anywhere

Scholars in humanities and the social sciences should note that, in the newest international fellowships scheme (ELEVATE), fellows may opt to spend their 2 years abroad in a company or social cultural or non-governmental organisation (eg library, archive, museum, institute of scientific, cultural, social, or economic relevance to the proposed project). This will be calling for proposals in January. Terms and conditions will be available before Christmas. The attached presentation and flyer provides a summary of the scheme.

Elevate Presentation

Elevate Flyer


For all schemes other than postgraduate scholarships, contact:

Sharone O'Loughlin
Manager EU & External Funding Programmes
Office: F2-007
Tel : +353 61 202160

For Postgraduate Schemes contact:

Michael Frain
Graduate School Administrator
Office No. F2-017
Tel. +353-61-202989


Information on the 2013 Erasmus Mundus Call for Proposals

The Agency plans to issue the 2013 Erasmus Mundus open Call for Proposals in December 2012, with a deadline for proposals of 15 April 2013.
This Call will only include Action 2 Partnerships* and Action 3 Promotion projects. The Action 2 Call will be similar in shape to the 2012 Call, but will include additional new country-specific lots for Brazil, Tunisia and Uzbekistan. This 2013 Call will not include new Action 1 Joint Masters Courses

This is not a formal Call publication notice, and is provided for information purposes only.

*Action 2 Partnerships
Partnerships in the framework of Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 are the basis for enhancing academic cooperation and exchanges of students and academics, contributing to the socio-economic development of non-EU countries targeted by EU external cooperation policy. Consortia must include a minimum of 5 higher education institutions from at least 3 European countries and a number of higher education institutions from targeted non European regions. Special attention is given to disadvantaged groups and populations in vulnerable situations.
Action 2 provides:
1. Support for the establishment of cooperation partnerships between European higher education institutions and higher education institutions from targeted Third Countries with the objective of organising and implementing structured individual mobility arrangements between the European and Third Country partners.
2. Scholarships of various lengths - depending on the priorities defined for the Third Country concerned, the level of studies or the particular arrangements agreed within the partnership - for European* and Third-Country individuals (students, scholars, researchers, professionals).

6th Tempus Call to be announced shortly

The 6th Tempus call will be published in the 2nd half of November 2012 with a deadline at the end of March 2013. The Irish information day will be held on the 30th January in Dublin. More details later. It will be published on the following page



 Opportunity to join new COST Actions approved June 2012

Some 40 new COST Actions were approved by the COST CSO recently.  COST funds the networking of researchers but it does not fund the research. CLick here for a booklet of the 40 COST Actions approved.

Researchers may be interested in becoming potential partners in the 40 new COST Action approved. If so please contact Sharone O'Loughlin. A country's participation is signalled by the signing of the MOU. A new Action can start once five countries sign the MOU and up to two delegates per country per Action are allowed on the Management Committee (MC).

Request form to join COST action

Important information on the upcoming ERC calls: what's new?

A number of changes are envisaged in the upcoming ERC calls for proposals, of which some are important to note in advance for potential applicants.

Please note that at this stage the information below is indicative only. This is expected to be formally confirmed on 9 July 2012, when the European Commission is expected to adopt the ERC's next work programme. Only the information that will be published on the Participant Portal should be considered official.

The main changes include:

  • The introduction of the "ERC Consolidator grant": The previous ERC Starting grant scheme will be divided into two separate calls:
    • Starting grant (StG): for researchers who have been awarded their first PhD at least 2 and up to 7 years prior to the publication date of the call.
    • Consolidator grant (CoG): for researchers who have been awarded their first PhD over 7 and up to 12 years prior to the publication date of the call.  
      • A Consolidator grant is worth up to €2 million (under certain circumstances up to €2.75 million). 
  • One single deadline for each call, and not different deadlines for the three domains as in the past. 
  • The publication of the next Advanced grant (AdG) call will be on 10 July (not in the autumn as previously), with the deadline for applications in the autumn (not in spring as in the past). 

In sum, the planned publication dates and deadlines for all upcoming calls are as follows:

Programme Publication date


Starting Grant (ERC-2013-StG) 10 July 2012 17 October 2012
Advanced Grant (ERC-2013-AdG) 10 July 2012 22 November 2012
Synergy Grant (ERC-2013-SyG) 10 October 2012 10 January 2013
Consolidator Grant (ERC-2013-CoG) 7 November 2012  21 February 2013
For ERC grantees only (top-up grant):
Proof of concept (ERC-2013-PoC)  
10 January 2013 24 April and 3 October 2013

 For further information: Please stay tuned on the ERC homepage and on the Participant Portal or contact                   


 Marie Curie Vacancies

If you are interested in being recruited to a Marie Curie funded project, either as a student or a qualified researcher, all Marie Curie vacancies are posted on the EURAXESS Jobs website. There is a special search facility to isolate the Marie Curie Vacancies. You may also find some other interesting opportunities outside of Marie Curie.

 Pre-publication of the People 2013 Work Programme

The Commission has pre-published an Orientation paper containing a "first-look" at the 2013 Work Programme for the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions).  The document can be downloaded at

The full Work Programme including details of call budgets, deadlines etc. will be published in mid-July this year.

SFI Research Infrastructure Call

Further to the SFI Research Infrastructure Call which is currently open, UL is required to prepare an institutional submission to this programme, which will include a detailed description of up to 20 items of equipment/infrastructure, in prioritised order.

In order to facilitate the selection of prioritised items, we invite interested applicant groups to submit a short (max 2 pages) Expression of Interest (EOI) per item of equipment/infrastructure required. The EOI should be submitted by 5pm on Thursday May 10th, and should briefly outline the proposed approach to or compliance with the key aspects of the scheme as listed below.
Please note that only those EOIs that convey an ability to conform to these aspects will be considered for prioritisation:

* This scheme is intended for cutting edge research equipment/infrastructure that is not otherwise reasonably accessible.
* The scheme is primarily intended to fund large-scale items, each in excess of €200K. Smaller items of €50K-€200K are permitted, but these need justification and incur a different cost-share requirement. Multiple items cannot be grouped together unless these form part of a single infrastructure (e.g. test bed).
* There is considerable emphasis on collaboration, in terms of the need for and usage of the equipment/infrastructure, both within UL and with other institutions. For the full proposal, letters of support will be required from other institutions to describe how the equipment/infrastructure requested by UL will be of use to their researchers.
* The equipment/infrastructure requested should be of "relevance to SFI's prior and future investments", and should enhance the activities and outputs of SFI researchers and other research groups.
* The equipment/infrastructure requested should encourage partnership with industry, for example through collaborative initiatives or through the provision of access to infrastructure by industry.
* All equipment/infrastructure items will require cost-share contributions
o For items in excess of €200K, 10% institutional cost-share is required (cash or dedicated personnel to operate equipment/infrastructure), plus 30% external (e.g. supplier discounts, maintenance contracts, installation, etc)
o For items of €50K-€200K, 40% institutional cost-share is required (cash or dedicated personnel to operate equipment/infrastructure)
* A sustainability plan will be required to demonstrate UL will be able to maintain and operate the equipment/infrastructure. An access charge plan will need to be developed.
* The requested items must align with SFI's funding remit (Bio, ICT and Energy), with the 14 priority areas identified by the Research Prioritisation Steering Group, and with the UL institutional strategic plan.
* For each requested item, a Key Responsible Investigator needs to be identified. This can be an existing SFI award holder. If the Key Responsible Investigator does not hold an active SFI award, then he/she should hold an active, competitively awarded, internationally peer reviewed research project of greater than €200K, and should hold a PhD/MD qualification.

Please submit EOIs by email to
Enquiries can also be directed to

Data Analytics Technology Centre - Initial Research Programme

This is an advance notice of a proposed Data Analytics Technology Centre - Initial Research Programme. Subject to final approval, the Programme will be opened for proposals from 28th May 2012.  We are planning to make the Detailed Description of Needs (DDN) available on 25th May, along with application forms. 
We are planning for a briefing workshop for interested researchers on the proposed Data Analytics Technology Centre - Initial Research Phase at Enterprise Ireland, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3 on Tuesday 29th May at 2.30 PM. This workshop will provide interested researchers with an opportunity to hear directly from members of the industry consortium on their vision and priorities for the initial research programme of the proposed Technology Centre.  There will be a formal presentation from the industry consortium followed by Q&A.   Please reply to the below e-mail to register attendance.

The detailed research agenda document is yet to be finalised, subject to the final approval, the proposed Technology Centre will be likely to have the following research themes:
Theme One - Intelligent Analytic Interfaces
One of the next major challenges of the Analytics industry is delivering Business Intelligence / Analytics to the next Billion users. The resulting benefits of this are enormous when considering the value businesses will derive from it. Although much has progressed in this area over the last few years the Industry Group believes there is a long way to go and the potential for new technologies focused on ease-of-use of analytics for end-users is enormous. This research theme concerns making the "Analytics disappear" so ordinary users can derive benefits and can explore data, develop insights and communicate results from advanced analytics tools. A major driver is to ensure the right data gets to the right person at the right time in the right medium.

Theme Two - Data Management for Analytics
There is a general view that many tools, techniques, vendors, and research exists to tackle the major issue of data management for analytics initiatives. However, managing data still consumes significant effort related to Analytics projects. This challenge has a major effect in limiting the full potential of analytics capabilities for organisations. The focus of this theme is not to solve all the data management challenges of organisations but rather to focus only on those challenges related to analytics projects.

Theme Three: Advanced Analytics
With the growing volumes of digital data, new methods and tools continue to be developed to solve new problems, and the ability to uncover granular detail becomes attainable. Historically organisations depended on instincts / guesses to make important and strategic decisions and perceptions / opinions to understand customer's attitudes. Advanced analytics is evolving to provide timely, relevant and accurate information to enable real time decision making for organisations. This new analytical capability has the power to provide a competitive edge to organisations. But the advanced analytics story (particularly in relation to big data) is still being written and this research theme is focused on pushing the boundaries out even further.

To register please reply by e-mail to

SFI --- US Ireland Programme --- Survey 2012 & Conference Pass to ESOF 2012

 The SFI USIreland programme (  is currently open for applications and budget of up to  €350K/project is available.  The call is available on the webpage and is open on a rolling call basis.  Applications are accepted under the thematic areas of Nanotechnology, Sensors, Telecoms, Energy & Health.

SFI have recently expanded the remit of this programme specifically in the Energy & Health areas with our partners in the National Science Foundation (NSF) & National institutes of Health (NIH). To ensure that all research areas are represented by SFI in these discussions, SFI wish to gather information on the health and energy thematic areas which are of most importance to our researchers.  In addition they would like to find out if collaborations already exist between ROI based researchers and researchers in Northern Ireland and the USA across all thematic areas.

Analysis of the responses will enable SFI to identify the most effective avenues for proposal progression within NSF & NIH . If you work in Nano, Sensors, Telecoms, Energy or Health please complete SFI's 5 minute survey to find out more about this programme and give SFI information on people working in this area. All participants will be included in a draw for a conference pass to attend the European Science Open Forum taking place in Dublin in July 2012.   SURVEY - Thank you for your time.

Partner search facility for HERA Cultural Encounters call

The following link provides a very useful list of project ideas of researchers who attended the HERA matchmaking events across Europe:

HERA has set up an email group so that researchers can subscribe to receive such requests, and to post requests themselves. It is on:  Click on 'post new message' to send a message to the subscription list that  includes your details , what type of partners you are seeking, and a short summary of your idea (200 words).  We ask that you follow the format suggested on the link above to make it easier for subscribers to quickly see if a request is relevant to them.

We recommend subscribing immediately if interested, but waiting a couple of days before posting your partner search in order to give all countries time to distribute this email to their networks.  Please note that the posts are not moderated, so you still need to ensure fit to Cultural Encounters, eligibility etc. 


Pre-call Information: IRCHSS Research Postgraduate Scholarship 2012-13

Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)  Workshop (Research Postgraduate Scholarship Opportunities)

In advance of the official launch of the 2012-13 round of the Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, IRCHSS has made the application and reference forms (in editable PDF format) available on the IRCHSS website. Applicants and nominated referees will be required to complete and upload these forms to the new Online Application System when the Scheme officially opens in the coming weeks.

The purpose of making the application and reference forms available at this time is to assist applicants in preparing for the official call in terms of (a) familiarising applicants with the questions on the application form and (b) ensuring timely coordination between the applicant and the proposed supervisor and referee.

The link to the relevant information and to the forms is On this page you will also find indicative launch and closing dates for this particular Scheme. Potential applicants are strongly advised to commence to review this information.

InterTradeIreland's FP7 Support Programme - Travel fund

InterTradeIreland can offer a number of supports for partner search and consortia development for FP7 proposal making.

Its EU Notice Board allows you to publish your project idea and specific requirement for a partner to collaborate with. This allows researchers (from the academic, commercial and public sectors) in Northern Ireland to see your requirements and respond, through our carefully controlled process. Accessing a partner in Northern Ireland will count as 2 member states going in to the programme and has a host of other benefits as well. These include the close proximity for the researchers, the lack of a language barrier, the known statistical increase in project success when there are partners from both North and South (greater than that of the EU average) and the quality of researchers available across the island.

To publish your requirements please visit:

All interest expressed will come via InterTradeIreland who will filter this to ensure that only genuine potential collaborators are put in contact with you.

If a partner is identified InterTradeIreland is able to offer a 'Cross-border Collaboration Voucher' for those who are looking to meet to discuss collaborative FP7 applications. The voucher, which covers travel and accommodation, has a 6 month lifetime allowing multiple visits to the partner up to the maximum value of £500/€550. For more details and the application forms please see the following web page:


IRCHSS Postdoctoral & Postgraduate Schemes 2012

The IRCHSS Council is currently finalising the Terms and Conditions of the 2012-13 schemes and wish to advise of indicative dates as indicated below. Applicants must be suitably qualified by these dates for the relevant schemes.

IRCHSS Scheme Proposed Call Proposed Deadline
Postgraduate Scheme Mid-January 2012 End of February 2012
Postdoctoral Scheme  Mid-to-late November 2011 End of January 2012

2012/2013 Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

In 2012-13 IRCHSS is offering two types of fellowship. Applicants may only apply for either Fellowship 1 or 2:


Duration of Postdoctoral Fellowship




One year

Preparation of a doctoral dissertation for publication through a variety of appropriate, feasible and clear published outputs.


Two years

To develop a new research project which is a significant development from the subject of the doctorate through a variety of appropriate, feasible and clear published outputs.

Prospective applicants to the postdoctoral scheme must have been awarded their doctoral degree within the five-year period before 27th January 2012.   Applicants should have their Viva completed by 27th January 2012.

2012/2013 Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

For the 2012/13 Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, applications will be submitted via an online application system. The online application system will only apply to the postgraduate scheme for the 2012/13 schemes. We plan to roll out the online application system to the rest of the schemes for the 2013/14 year.


 New Trans-European Humanities Funding Opportunity

Pre-announcement: A new €18 million HERA Joint Research Programme on Cultural Encounters will be launched early 2012.
Invitation: Applications are now invited from researchers to attend a matchmaking event, Berlin February 21 2012 to facilitate the building of international teams.

The HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) Network is pleased to announce a new Joint Research Programme (JRP) on Cultural Encounters. With up to €18 million available, the research programme will fund new and exciting Humanities-centred projects on Cultural Encounters involving researchers from three or more countries.

Invitation to Matchmaking Event

In order to facilitate the building of international research partnerships, applications are now invited from researchers to attend a 'match making' event that will take place 21st February 2012 in Berlin. The deadline to register your interest in attending the event is 30 November 2011. Financial support to attend is available, and further information on both this and the application process can be found via the registration website:
Summary of the funding opportunity

Funding will be available for research projects addressing the theme of Cultural Encounters that involve at least three researchers from three different eligible countries. The Call will be formally announced in early February 2012. The application process will be in two stages.

The draft timetable for applications is:

- Outline Proposals to be submitted May 2012

- Shortlisted applicants to submit Full Proposals in October 2012.

Full details available on the HERA website





Rural Economic Development programme at the Irish Institute Boston College

The Irish Institute at Boston College run development programs for Irish and Northern Irish participants. The mission of the Institute is to promote the peace and normalization process on the island of Ireland and to contribute to social, political, and economic stability through cross-border and cross-community cooperation.  In addition to the Irish Institute, the U.S. Department of State and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs sponsor the programmes covering most of the programme related costs including travel, accommodation and tuition.   Further information can be found at

Attached is the call for applications for the February exchange program titled Rural Economic Development.







More than 60 new FP7 calls published

A number of new FP7 calls were published on the 20th July under various headings including ICT, NMP, Energy, Health, Food, Environment, Marie Curie etc. A full list of these calls can be found in the document below with expected deadlines and links to futher information on each call.

FP7 calls published on 20th July 2011









  Advance Notice - Call for Proposals - ESPON 2013 Programme

Deadline: 20 October 2011 
Within the framework of the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion (ESPON) 2013 programme, a call for proposals will open on 24 August 2011. An Information Day and Partner Café for potential beneficiaries will take place on 13 September 2011 in Brussels.

The research themes are as follows:

1. European Neighbour Regions
2. Small and Medium sized Towns in their Functional Territorial Context
3. The territorial dimension of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Europe
4. Economic Crises: Resilience of Regions
5. Territorial Structures and Dynamics
6. Online Mapping

Further information available on the ESPON website
Partner Searching website. (containing several Irish entries)









 PILOT Mentoring Support to Researchers NEW to FP7 - Research with SMEs

Researchers who have not previously submitted any FP7 proposal (as partner or coordinator) to date' may apply for a pilot mentoring scheme to take their well-defined proposal idea for progression to full proposal submission.
The mentoring includes consideration of (1) FP7 project financials, (2) FP7 project evaluation, (3) FP7 project proposal development, (4) FP7 IPR regimes and (5) where applicable, industrial partnership formation.

Deadline:  Friday, 29th July.  

BACKGROUND: A targeted pilot Advisory/Mentoring scheme was initiated between the FP7 Office and the Institutes of Technology Ireland (IOTI) for the FP7 sub-programme "Research for the Benefit of SMEs" in 2010. This pilot resulted in 5 successfully funded projects from a total of 15 proposals submitted. All projects included IOT Coordinators NEW to FP7. Several Irish SMEs were partners in the Irish led consortiums. With the success of this targeted approach, it is now proposed to expand the mentoring to New Academic Coordinators based in ALL 3rd Level Institutions and Public Research Centres in any thematic area in the FP7 2012 Calls (opening 20 July 2011 - over €10bn on offer).

ELIGIBILITY: Academics in 3rd level institutions and public research centres are welcome to apply subject to 'not having submitted any FP7 proposal (as partner or coordinator) to date' and with the support of the institution's Research Office.

OBJECTIVE: The target for this pilot initiative is to promote and increase the critical mass of researchers using FP7 for the first time (in a coordinating role) with intensive help provided over the initial period of engagement. At the end of the new support Researchers NEW to FP7 will have a well-defined proposal idea for progression to full proposal submission.

ON OFFER: The mentoring includes consideration of (1) FP7 project financials, (2) FP7 project evaluation, (3) FP7 project proposal development, (4) FP7 IPR regimes and (5) where applicable, industrial partnership formation.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Please find below the Expression of Interest form for Researchers NEW to FP7. Interested parties are asked to complete the form and return it to before 5pm on Friday, 27th July.

Expression of Interest form









  Programme of Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education and Research Institutes (PSC):
Call for Proposals

Further to previous correspondence, Round Three of the Programme of Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education and Research Institutes (PSC) will be launched week commencing 20th of June, with an information briefing to follow on the 30th of June 2011 in the HEA.

Further information will be posted on the HEA website as it becomes available - Formal notification of the launch will be provided to all institutions.

Background to Round 3: In line with the findings and recommendations of the 2010 mid-term review (MTR) of the programme it has been agreed that a Transitional Phase will be launched in 2011. 

Although only a few years in existence the programme has provided an important catalyst for development within the higher education sector in Ireland. It has provided a platform for increased cooperation between Irish Aid, the HEA and the sector in a coherent and coordinated way. A transitional phase, as recommended by the review, will be implemented to consolidate the gains made in the first  four years of the programme and to ensure that the momentum of the programme is not lost. 

It is proposed to issue a call in the first half of 2011, with disbursements to commence in 2012. 

The transition phase will support an incremental shift towards a more demand led and southern focused programme.   Irish HEIs will be the lead agencies and will have responsibility for overall management of the projects,  including financial accountability.  However, proposals will need to show evidence that they meet needs and demands from partner institutions as reflected in country national plans.  Evidence of increased input by southern HEI partners into the governance, design, implementation and strategic direction of the projects will be important. 









 Advance Notice - International Energy Research Centre - Call for Research Proposals

Following the successful completion of the International Energy Research Centre (IERC) Scoping Review, the IDA, Enterprise Ireland, SFI and SEAI would like to advise you of our intention to issue a call for research proposals in the very near future. The call is expected to be published on June 8th 2011 with a closing date of  July 6th 2011.  These dates are indicative and subject to change.

The research topics included in the call are likely to cover:
>  Home Area Networks
>  Commercial Buildings
>  Wireless Sensor Networks

The call will be issued to all Research Performing Organisations in the state via their Research Offices and will also be published in the national press.









 COST publishes 31 new actions

Some 31 new COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Actions were approved last week. COST funds the networking of researchers but it does not fund the research. A list  of the  new Actions is attached  and any researchers interested in these  or indeed in any ongoing COST Actions should contact the Research Office as soon as possible.

A list of the actions published can be found here: COST actions list









 SFI: Advance notice of Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) launch

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) are delighted to inform you that we will shortly be launching a new call to the Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) programme, which very successfully ran for the first time in 2008 but, owing to financial reasons, could not be continued in the following two years. This message is provided to alert you to some changes from the first SIRG call, and to provide you with details of how Institutions and Research Offices will be involved in the process leading to the submission of proposals to SFI.

As you will no doubt remember from the previous call, the SIRG programme was initiated by SFI in order to bridge a gap in the funding mechanism, namely, to assist early-career researchers looking to make initial steps to becoming full-time, independent academics, and to gain experience in supervising a postgraduate student. 14 Starting Investigators (SIs) are currently working in Ireland's HEIs, and we are now looking to add to these numbers through a new call, which on this occasion is to be funded in collaboration with the Marie Curie COFUND programme (subject to final negotiations with the EC). The fact that this will be a co-funded programme necessitates some changes to the first call, which we will outline below. Full information about the new call will be provided both on the SFI website and through a webinar in the coming weeks. Our intention here is to give institutions prior knowledge about the call and the role which they will play in the programme.

The Marie Curie COFUND programme aims to initiate new programmes or strengthen existing programmes through the provision of additional funding, where the extra funds are utilised for at least one form of transnational mobility, such as incoming or outgoing mobility of researchers or an action to reintegrate them into research employment in Europe. SFI is currently in the process of completing the negotiations on an award from this programme, which we intend to use to part-fund a number of SIRG awards that encompass a degree of mobility. Two types of Investigator are defined by Marie Curie as "National" and "Transnational" in nature. A transnational applicant will be a researcher of any nationality (including Irish) who has not resided in Ireland for more than a total of 12 months in the three years prior to the call deadline. All other applicants will be considered as national applicants.

The funding available to SFI from the EC dictates that we will be in a position to fund a maximum of 18 SIRG awards in the new call. These will be comprised of 6 national and 12 transnational awards, based on budget available. As a result, SFI must place limits on the numbers of applicants of each type to the call. Each institution may advance a maximum of 12 proposals from transnational applicants to the proposal submission stage. The number of proposals advanced from national applicants may be no greater than half of the total number of proposals advanced by transnational applicants, rounding up to the next-highest integer. Therefore, an institution advancing nine or ten transnational applicants may also advance as many as five national applicants, but not more than five.

For this year's SIRG call, SFI is not prescribing an Expression-of-Interest phase in the programme; however, it is clear that Research Offices will need to put into place a process by which applicants are selected. How this is carried out is the choice of the Institution - SFI will only require in advance a list of the approved applicants (date of submission to follow). The Research Offices will need to ensure that they have correctly designated their applicants as either "National" or "Transnational" and that they have an allowable number of such applicants, as dictated by the rules described above.

The 2011 SIRG Call is planned to launch on May 3, 2011 and will remain open until late August. The list of approved applicants will be required a few weeks before the close of the call. A Webinar for potential applicants to the call is scheduled to be presented on May 13, 2011, which we recommend that you also sign up to for further information. We will also aim to provide you in advance of the webinar with further details about this call, so that you can begin to plan your strategy for garnering the best possible applicants, both national and transnational. To help to attract the latter, SFI will be producing some advertisements for the programme, which will be disseminated in international scientific literature, either in print or online as necessary.

We would be very grateful if you could not to submit any questions about this call until after the Webinar has been presented. We hope that you welcome the launch of the 2011 SIRG call, and that you will work with us to find the best possible new Starting Investigators from here and abroad. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible with further information.









 Irish Aid Funding: Launch of Transitional Phase

The Programme of Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education and Research Institutes was launched in late 2006, and has allocated €12million to 8 projects and 7 networking grants to date.  In line with the findings and recommendations of the 2010 mid-term review (MTR) of the programme it has been agreed that a Transitional Phase will be launched in 2011. 

Although only a few years in existence the programme has provided an important catalyst for development within the higher education sector in Ireland. It has provided a platform for increased cooperation between Irish Aid, the HEA and the sector in a coherent and coordinated way. A transitional phase, as recommended by the review, will be implemented to consolidate the gains made in the first  four years of the programme and to ensure that the momentum of the programme is not lost. 

It is proposed to issue a call in the first half of 2011, with disbursements to commence in 2012. 

The transition phase will support an incremental shift towards a more demand led and southern focused programme.   Irish HEIs will be the lead agencies and will have responsibility for overall management of the projects,  including financial accountability.  However, proposals will need to show evidence that they meet needs and demands from partner institutions as reflected in country national plans.  Evidence of increased input by southern HEI partners into the governance, design, implementation and strategic direction of the projects will be important.  

It is  planned that an information day will be held in the coming weeks on the Transition Phase of the Programme of Strategic Cooperation with a Call to launch in April.

For more information on current Irish Aid projects, and any further updates on the Transition call, please see the following website









 Pre-announcement: Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme

The Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Association will shortly announce the fourth call for proposals of the AAL Joint Programme: "ICT Based Solutions for Advancement of Older Persons' Mobility".

The call aims at Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) based solutions which help older persons to sustain their optimal level of mobility for as long as possible, enhancing their individual sense of confidence, autonomy, competence, security and safety. The call addresses issues that inherently enable older persons' mobility in the sense of moving in the home and/or outside the home. The following topical areas are in the scope of the Call:

* Orientation and navigation (may include aspects of physical and cognitive training); and
* Assistive Technology.

It is anticipated that the call will be launched at the end of March 2011, with a proposal submission deadline at the end of June 2011. Researchers should note that funding is conditional on an Irish-based company participation in the consortium.

More information is available on the AAL Joint Programme Website 

An information event will take place on 7 April 2011 in Brussels. Those wishing to attend should register their interest by sending an e-mail to before 24 March 2011.









  European Science Foundation: Humanities workshops for early career scholars

The European Science Foundation (ESF) is committed to creating Fora for early career scholars to develop their visions for the European Research Area. We have developed in particular the format of the "Humanities Spring" workshops, aimed at producing short policy documents authored by the best early career scholars after 2-day debates on identified issues.

This year the selected theme is: Humanities Spring 2011: "Publication Cultures in the Humanities". Deadline for submission of applications: 17 January 2011, 12:00 (noon) CET

Please do not hesitate to get back to us directly via with any questions you may have.

NUI Galway Campus Commercialisation Programme - January 2011

The Technology Transfer Office at NUI Galway is running a Technology Commercialisation module designed for researchers. It runs for one day per week for 8 weeks - starting January 19th 2011. Further information is available on the attached leaflet.

NUIG are making two places available to UL researchers on a first come first served basis.

Please contact Clodagh Barry, for a Statement of Interest form. These are due to be returned by January 10th.

EI Commercialisation Fund to open shortly

The aim of the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund is to convert the outputs of State funded research into innovative new products, services and companies. This forms part of Enterprise Ireland's strategy to improve the competitiveness of Irish industry.

Following a recent review of the Commercialisation Fund, some changes have been made. In the revised Commercialisation Fund, the Proof of Concept and Technology Development Programmes are being brought together into a single programme where projects will consist of one or more stages depending on the level of work and time needed to make the technology ready for licensing.

Applicants will have the opportunity to receive consecutive contracts for each project stage to build a technology for licensing in a 2-5 year timeframe.

The first call for the Commercialisation Fund Programme 2011 will be announced shortly and will expect to have a closing date of end of February 2011. For further information, please see the EI website.

The application form requires considerable advance information before it can be completed. If you are interested in submitting for this call please contact your relevant TTO person for further guidance.

In addition we suggest you discuss your proposed application with Mark Whelan of Enterprise Ireland both before an after proposal drafting.

TTO staff:

ICT Related                   -     Conor Morris
Life Science/Biotech    -     Seamus Browne
Engineering                   -    John Gleeson

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships open to EU students

From the academic year 2010/2011, students and doctoral candidates from the EU are now eligible for Erasmus Mundus scholarships and fellowships.

European students or doctoral candidates interested in an Erasmus Mundus scholarship/fellowship should consult the list of Erasmus Mundus Masters and Doctorates on the Erasmus Mundus website . There are over 800 Masters and 70 PhD scholarships available in the A/Y 2011/12.

Candidates wishing to enrol in an Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme at masters or doctoral level in the academic year 2011/2012, will have to apply directly to the consortium or consortia of their choice during the period November 2010 - January 2011.

For more detailed information, please click here .

Expert Evaluators for FP7  -  sought by Irish Universities Association

Following an internal audit of their research evaluation process, the European Commission is expanding and refreshing its pool of evaluators. And there is a new facility for  organisations to recommmend experts.

While the work is certainly intensive and the hours are long, you will be working alongside key people in your research sector from all over the world (not just Europe) and the experience of reviewing in detail proposals which range from poor to excellent is the best possible training for preparing a proposal of your own. Remuneration, travel & subsistence is paid.

The IUA is one of the organisations which recommends experts for use by the Commission. If you wish your name to be forwarded please send your candidature number to, by 19th November. To find your candidature number (ie current evaluators), just login here and you will find your candidature number in the main menu just below the logout-button. It is a number starting with EX2006

To register: go to 

Quotations from UL researchers

"I've learnt a great deal about how proposals are written and this in turn has helped me write better proposals"
"It's great for networking also, with both Commission people and other researchers with whom I've later written proposals"
"It's a good enriching experience... for insight into the latest ideas and trends in my area from the top research teams in Europe"

Other information and Frequently Asked Questions


 IRCHSS: Launch of the Research Development Initiative 2010

IRCHSS has launched the third round of the Research Development Initiative. Full details (including the Terms and Conditions and application forms) are summarised below and are available on the website:

The Council have informed us they will not be undertaking any individual correspondence on this scheme by phone or email.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available at:  Queries that are not addressed on the FAQs list may be sent to  The question and answer will then be posted on the website at the end of each day. IRCHSS will host an Information Session via webinar on Monday October 11th. To register please send an email to 

The IRCHSS RDI call  is published today (30th Sep), closing date for all strands is Oct 28th
The postdoc call should come next week (week beginning 4th Oct), closing date 3rd Dec.
The postgrad call should come mid-October, closing date 21st Jan.


The Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences has launched the RDI 2010 with 5 strands, 2 of which are new for 2010.

Strand 3: Summer Schools 2011
The IRCHSS recognises Summer Schools are an effective mechanism for research training, knowledge exchange and networking. In particular, Summer Schools represent a competency development initiative for early stage researchers This strand is invites applications to host a summer school in 2011, funding for up to €20,000 can be requested.

Strand 5: Targeted Cofund Initiatives
The targeted cofund initiatives are intended to support small to medium research projects in areas of investigation which would be of interest to an enterprise (Multinational Corporation, indigenous, SME) or organisation (cultural or voluntary). All projects MUST have enterprise/voluntary sector financial support (co-funding of at least 1/3) with a maximum budget of €60,000 (including both IRCHSS and cofund support).

Strand 7: Department of Foreign Affairs Projects in Conflict Resolution
The Conflict Resolution Unit of the Department of Foreign Affairs will support projects of up to €50,000 in conflict resolution, with particular emphasis on the specified themes.

Strand 8: Knowledge Exchange Activities ***NEW in 2010***
Funding under this strand is intended to enable researchers to undertake new knowledge exchange, user engagement and impact generation activities to a non-academic user audience.

Strand 9: Social Policy Research Projects ***NEW in 2010***
This strand incorporates social policy research projects that are supported by (i) Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs(ii) Social Inclusion Division of the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs; and (iii) Family Support Agency.The targeted activities of the Social Policy Research Projects grants relate to the policy and research priorities of the funding organisations.



Government Announces New Research Funding Partnership with the Wellcome Trust

Ministers welcome joint funding deal boost for pioneering biomedical research

Wednesday, September 29th 2010: Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney T.D., and Minister for Labour Affairs and Public Service Transformation, Dara Calleary T.D., have welcomed the announcement today of a partnership agreement between Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and the Health Research Board (HRB), with the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation based in the UK. 

SFI HRB Wellcome

The new SFI-HRB-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Partnership will mean that the prestigious Wellcome Trust will jointly fund biomedical researchers in Ireland with Science Foundation Ireland and the Health Research Board.

Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney T.D. described the forging of the new arrangement as "a significant occasion for health research in Ireland". She added "Vibrant health research is critical to how we generate new ways to care for patients, advance the delivery of our health services, and contribute to our economic development.  This agreement will add to the international standing of Ireland in health research and increase our attractiveness as a location for research and development in biomedical and lifesciences.  Today's strategic partnership with the Wellcome Trust represents a significant boost for the entire spectrum of Irish health research.

Speaking at the announcement of the new partnership, Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust, said: "We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Science Foundation Ireland and the Health Research Board. By working together, our joint funding will support the best scientists and clinical researchers in Ireland, ensuring that biomedicine in the country remains globally competitive."

Commenting on the importance of the agreement, Minister for Labour Affairs & Public Service Transformation, Dara Calleary T.D., said "For Ireland's smart economy to properly manifest itself in our day-to-day lives, excellence in science, health and engineering R&D must be identified and given every opportunity to progress and prosper. The signing of this collaborative funding deal is a major endorsement of Ireland's research potential, and will greatly assist its connectivity with the international research community and, particularly, its engagement with the commercial sector, both here and abroad."

The announcement of the agreement was also attended by Prof Pat Fottrell, Chairperson, Science Foundation Ireland, Dr Stephen Simpson, Director of Life Sciences at Science Foundation and Mr Enda Connolly, CEO of the Health Research Board.

To view more information on funding please click here

About the Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. It supports the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities. The Trust's breadth of support includes public engagement, education and the application of research to improve health. It is independent of both political and commercial interests.

Text courtesy of Science Foundation Ireland


Advance information on the forthcoming IRCHSS call for postdoctoral fellowships and research projects

A note to intending applicants on the forthcoming call to be issued by IRCHSS. The IRCHSS Board meets 29th September to approve grant and fellowships schemes for 2011. The funding is expected to fall into 3 categories, similar to last year:

A)  Research Development Initiative  4 - Deadline tentatively 29th October as this must be committed by Christmas 2010. It is expected that about 20 projects will be funded of which 50k is budgeted for summer schools and 20k for other activities. Total RDI budget expected approx 250k.

  • Summer schools
  • Co-fund; 25% has to be from external non-exchequer body. Emphasis on Culture.
  • Knowledge exchange activities. RA or teaching replacement 40k per project. 
  • Managing research funding - last year Dept Foreign Affairs invited applications in Conflict Resolution. This year the HSE will be inviting applications but no further details are available at this stage.

B)  Postgraduate Research Awards - will be called in October with a deadline mid-end January, possibly January 21.

C)  Postdoctoral scheme + CARA Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowships (16) - Deadline tentatively 6th December 2010.

CARA mobility fellowships was not very competitive last year so applicants are encouraged to consider whether their PhD activities might suit a period away plus a period in Ireland.

For Section D the advice to applicants is to:

  • Start by drafting an application using last years template
  • Aim to have draft completed 4 weeks in advance of deadline
  • Read evaluation procedures first
  • Write to these criteria
  • Useful to provide a summary paragraph for each of these criteria, 6-7 sentences as an introduction/summary, then expand on same
  • Make the reviewers job easier to award you the necessary bonus points

Your proposal should be theoretically grounded, methodologically sound, show a clear impact, include a dissemination plan and an advance publication plan.

  • Mentors - pay close attention to the support structures and the "fit" of the candidate into your host centre/dept, as part of your letter of reference. Focus on the individual not the project.
  • Candidate: ensure consistency of content between your application and the  letter from your mentor
  • Identify your publishers: Targeted journal articles, be realistic and mention the most feasible journals and those less so. Mention or show expressions of interest for publication
  • Give reasons for your selection of publisher /ranked journal
  • Include a structured workplan, consider a Gantt chart

An information session will be organised following the publication of the call. Further guidance for applicants will be given at this meeting, together with dates and details of internal reviews.


FP7 ICT Update

1. Requests for Partners
2. Upcoming events
3. Current open calls for proposals
4. NCP Newsletter

1. Requests for Partners

A new partner search request has been published in the are of Factories of the future as follows:-

Partner Search ID: PS-UK-4230
Call Identifier: Factories of the Future 2011 (FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF)
Proposal Name: Innovative Business Environment and Its Supporting Tools for Virtual Enterprises in Manufacturing (V-MAN)
Challenge: Information & Communication Tecnologies
Objective: FoF.ICT.2011.7.3 Virtual Factories and Enterprises
Funding Scheme: STREP
Closure Date: 02/12/2010
Retrieve the Partner Search at:

2. Upcoming events

ICT 2010 - the Commissions biennial flagship ICT conference will take place in Brussels on 27 - 29 September.

How to write a competitive proposal for Framework 7 - 14th September, National Food Centre, Ashtown, Dublin 15.

How to write a competitive proposal for Framework 7 - 5th October, Galway. 

How to Negotiate and Administer Framework 7 Grant Agreements - 4th November National Food Centre, Ashtown, Dublin 15.

3. Current Open calls for proposals

A number of new ICT related calls are currently open. These are:-

"Factories of the Future"  FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF

"Energy Efficient Buildings" FP7-2011-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EeB

"ICT for Green Cars" FP7-2011-ICT-GC

"Future Internet" FP7-2011-ICT-FI
"FET Flagships Initiative" FP7-ICT-2011-FET-F

"EU-Russia Coordinated Call" FP7-ICT-2011-EU-Russia

The first 5 of these calls have a deadline of 2 December 2010 while the EU-Russia Coordinated call has a deadline of 14 September.

As always, FET-Open remains a continuously open call.

4. NCP Newsletter

The latest edition of the ICT NCP newsletter was recently distributed to NCPs and is available here for information: ICT NCP Newsletter May - July2010.




51 new calls for proposals published on the CORDIS call page

Some 51 new calls for proposals were published today (20th July 2010) on the CORDIS calls page

Health / 3 Open calls 
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology / 5 Open calls
Information and Communication Technologies / 9 Open calls 
Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies / 12 Open calls
Energy / 8 Open calls
Environment (including Climate Change) / 8 Open calls
Transport (including Aeronautics) / 9 Open calls 
Socio-economic sciences and Humanities / 4 Open calls
Space / 1 Open call
Security / 1 Open call
General Activities / 1 Open call
Joint Technology Initiatives (Annex IV-SP1) / 2 Open calls




 Opportunity to establish research collaborations with India

There has been an invitation from the Indian Ambassador to take a delegation of Irish scientists to India which is anitcipated for early 2011.   The theme of the visit will be in the broad areas of 1) information security and 2) biomedical/pharmaceuticals. Interested SFI funded groups, who fit within these thematic areas and would like to participate, should submit a one page proposal outlining why they feel it appropriate that they participate in this delegation.   They should briefly describe any nascent collaboration with India that may exist, and/or the benefit they feel could be derived from forging links with India. SFI, along with the Embassy of India, will then select appropriate researchers to participate in the event, and will facilitate meetings with appropriate research groups in some of the top Indian research institutes and universities.  Existing collaborations with India are not a prerequisite to participate in the delegation; indeed we would like to take this opportunity to develop new links between the two countries.

Travel and accommodation costs for delegates will be borne by SFI. Interested parties should return the proposals to by the end of July. 



  Important Upcoming EU project calls

As indicated in previous communications, UL participation in the EU Framework 7 programmes (FP7) is very important - a €50 billion budget guaranteed.  Our performance was quite strong initially in FP7 but it seems to have waned slightly. It is important to step up our activity in the coming months.

A number of work programmes are being released on July 31st as per below. One specific one that is very strategically important for UL is the Industry Academic Partnership & Pathways (IAPP) programme which is a Marie Curie type initiative that allows international mobility between academia and industry. In 2009 Ireland was very successful in this programme - 50% success rate as compared to the overall EU rate in IAPP of 22%. However UL was not active in this programme which was very disappointing given our close links with Industry. The call for IAPP was not due to happen until 2011 but the EU has decided to issue a call in July this year. I think UL should be active in this programme and would encourage you to start working with your international industrial partners as soon as possible to be in a position to be competitive for this.

Please note that though the official work programmes are being released in July there are drafts in circulation from the national contact points. Please contact Sharone O'Loughlin, Puneet Saidha or Mary Shire in the Research Office to discuss any programmes you are interested in. Also Enterprise Ireland (EI) have travel support and co-ordination support grants available for EU programmes - details on the EI web-site.
The following are new Work Programmes dues to be launched July 2010

Food, Agriculture & Fisheries & Biotechnology (FAFB) Energy Environment (including climate change) Socio-economic Science & Humanities (SSH)

Industry Academic Partnership and Pathways (IAPP)

Research Infrastructure

Professor Brian Fitzgerald
Leas-Uachtarán Taighde/Vice-President Research Ollscoil Luimnigh/University of Limerick

8th June 2010



  Enterprise Ireland notification of changes to the Innovation Partnership Programme

Enterprise Ireland are making some changes to the Innovation Partnership Programme. These changes are not yet live on their website but will be uploaded in the next few days. The changes will apply to new projects received from July 1st 2010.

The first change is the removal of contract research projects from the programme. Under the revised guidelines, EI will support two categories of research under the programme - Industrial and Experimental Collaborative research.

The second change is a cap on the project funding to early stage companies including companies classified as pre-HPSUs (high potential start ups). The funding from EI will be capped at €100k unless there's a clear justification why additional funding is needed and this must be supported by the commercial assessor.

Otherwise, we expect that the project funding will be in the range of €150 to €200k. Exceptions will only be made for established companies when it is clear that the project impact is likely to lead to a substantial increase in the company's employment or an increase in sales and exports.

The average funding requested in 2010 is ~€108k and most of the recent project applications have a timeline of 12-18 months.

EI have 32 project applications and serious enquiries in the pipeline but I don't expect all of these will progress to the approval stage in 2010. We've approved funding of €1.29 million to 12 projects so far this year involving CIT (2), DIT (2), Athlone IT (1), TCD (1), UCD (1), UL(1), IT Tralee (1) UCC (1), Teagasc (1) and WIT (1). 12 projects are due to go to Committee for approval in June and July.

The evaluation of the Innovation Partnership Programme 2004-2006 is almost finished and EI expect that the final report will be available in the next few weeks.

Further information on Innovatio Partnerships is avaiable on the Enterprise Ireland website.



 IRCHSS Research Development Initiative

IRCHSS is planning to hold a Research Development Initiative call for proposals in September. The details of this call are not yet available and there is a slight budget reduction compared to the last call. At this stage the Council is considering summer schools, visitong fellowships, small "impact" grants for current projects and FP7 seed funding. More details will be known after 30 June.



 FP7 Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (FAFB) event: Presentations available

The Dept Of Agriculture recently held an information day on the FP7 Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (FAFB) programme details of which was circulated to faculty recently. The presentations from the day are available on:

FP7 ICT NCP Newsletter

Below you will find the latest version of ICT NCP news. In this edition you will see that work is well underway on the next ICT Work Programme which will cover calls 7, 8 and 9 as well as joint Public Private Partnership (PPP) calls. The PPP calls are expected to be launched in July of this year and will include:-
*         Factories of the Future
*         Green Car
*         Energy Efficient Buildings
*         Future Internet

ICT call 7 is expected to be launched in September of this year.

FP7 ICT NCP Newsletter March-April 2010

Nanosciences,  Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies (NMP)

The final workprogramme topics for the July call of the NMP and PPP workprogramme is linked below along with summary one pagers with topic titles.  Please note that these documents are draft and confidential (until publication in July). Researchers should check that their area is included. Final changes/additons are now being considered - please contact  before April 12.

Overall NMP work programme 2011

Public Private Partnership (PPP) topic list (Energy Efficent Buildings & Factories of the Future)

Public Private Partnership (PPP) topic list (Green Cars)

Proposed Research topics

EURAXESS website - Funding Information Service

Academic institutions, research agencies and organisations can advertise their R&D, PhD, post doc and science job opportunities on the national research portal ( formerly  This portal, operated and updated by the Irish University Association (IUA) and co-funded by the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment (DETE) is the key information instrument of the EURAXESS Service centre (formerly Researcher's mobility office) with online comprehensive and up to date information. is visited by, amongst others, researchers seeking for funding for a research period in Ireland. There are now a total of 4385 registered users on the portal who receive regular updates on job and funding opportunities.

Advertised vacancies on the Irish portal are automatically uploaded on a weekly basis to the jobs section on EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion" - the European Researcher's Mobility Portal (

This ensures that eligible researchers, regardless of their location, will be informed about research opportunities in Ireland. This is one of the most popular resources for researchers and organisations wishing to identify suitable candidates.

In order to avail of this free facility please email to apply for access and log-in details.

IRCSET launches the new Peer Review College

IRCSET has established a Peer Review College to populate a database of experts to contribute to their funding evaluation practices.

IRCSET operates a number of research funding schemes supporting postgraduate and postdoctoral research in science, engineering and technology. All applications are internationally peer reviewed to the highest standard. In order to maintain and improve our review procedures we welcome nominations of suitably qualified national and international experts.

The database will serve as reference point for the sole use of the IRCSET executive in selecting experts, details of the database will be confidential and will not be released to third parties without prior permission.

Nominations are requested - details on the IRCSET website

Video on application process for NAIRTL's 2010 Grants Initiative

NAIRTL have recently posted a short video outlining the application process for the 2010 Grants Initiative on the NAIRTL website. This video is available to view at It provides an overview of what is meant by the integration of research, teaching and training as well as providing advice on the application process and highlighting the criteria to be used in assessing applications. Please forward a link to this video to any colleagues who may be interested in applying for the National Academy Grants Initiative.

Input to Formulation of upcoming PPP topics in NMP & Input to Formulation of upcoming NMP Work Programme

Enterprise Ireland are currently in the advanced stages of finalising the NMP and PPP workprogramme (NMP topics only). The purpose of this  is to ensure that Irish research interests are reflected as strongly as possible in the workprograme so that Ireland's opportunities for success are maximised. The preliminary draft of the next NMP workprogramme has been sent to a number of Irish research stakeholders directly a lot of feedback has been received some of which has been taken on board by the commission and is reflected in the attached documents. There may be some stakeholders that have been missed and hence the documents are being circulated for further feedback.

Please note that the documents  below are draft and confidential (until publication in July) and should be circulated only within UL.

PPP Topics

NMP workprogramme

MS excel template for suggested modifications 

Deadlines for feedback, please send feedback to by:

PPP Feedback - Friday February 5

NMP Feedback - Tuesday February 15

Commercialisation Fund - Winter 2009 update

The Research Office has been advised that the Winter 2009 round of the Commercialisation Fund will go before the IRCC on Thursday 21 January 2010. All applicants and their institutions will be notified of the outcome shortly thereafter.

Executive Agency for Health and Consumers Public Health Programme opens 1st week of December

The next call of the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers Public Health Programme will open the 1st week of December, and will close on March 12th 2010, much earlier than last year. Presentations from last year's EAHC workshop in Dublin are available here Further details will be published on Funding Opportunities once received.

Health Methodology Support Unit in UL

Researchers within UL considering applying to the HRB under the present call may have received an email from the HRB informing you that their health methodology support unit (CSTAR) is now up and running. The UL site for CSTAR is within the SCU/ABCc centres and advice is available by consulting Dr Jean Saunders, Director of these Centres (details below).

CSTAR offers a support and advisory service in quantitative and qualitative research that is open to all health researchers in Ireland - including biomedical, translational, clinical, epidemiological, general practice, professions allied to medicine and health service researchers. Individuals and groups availing of the services and programmes may come from health care agencies (public and private), primary, secondary and tertiary care, academic institutions and non-profit research institutes and organizations.

Funded by the Health Research Board and with consultancy units in University College Dublin and University of Limerick, CSTAR widens the availability of research support across Ireland allowing individuals, companies and institutes to build lasting relationships with experienced academics. Rather than relying on ad hoc arrangements, CSTAR becomes an integral part of your research team providing targeted support and input as required.

Using one-to-one consultations, training courses (both standard and bespoke), seminars and awareness-raising events, CSTAR provides health researchers with a repository of information on methodological developments and best practice in health-related research methods.

Should you wish to arrange a consultation or enquire about future training courses, please contact us as follows:
Dublin office +353 (0)1 716 2076
Limerick office + 353 (0)61 213 471


Enterprise Ireland Transforming Irish Industry 2008-10

The Enterprise Ireland powerpoint presentation 'Transforming Irish Industry 2008-10': Enterprise Ireland's approach to Science Technology & Innovation is now available online, please click on the link below to view.

Transforming Irish Industry 2008-10

IRCHSS Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Research Schemes 2010-2011 indicative dates

IRCHSS is currently finalising the Terms and Conditions of their 2009-10 schemes and have provided the indicative dates below. Please note these dates are purely indicative and are subject to change following agreement by the Research Council.  Applicants must be suitably qualified by these dates for the relevant schemes.

IRCHSS Scheme Proposed Call Proposed Deadline
Postgraduate Scheme 28th September 2009 7th December 2009
Postdoctoral Scheme 28th September 2009 7th December 2009

Enterprise Ireland overview of Commercialisation Grant offerings

Enterprise Ireland recently provided an overview of their Commercialisation Grant offerings. This feedback should useful for any interested the Commercialisation Fund Technology Development (next call 29th July) as well as future Proof of Concept (next call 16th September) and Commercialisation+ (invitation only) applicants. 

Below are some notes from the overview as well as the EI official information.

  • 90% of proposals pass technically.
  • The main reason for failure is unclear or unrealistic commercial benefits.
  • Each project is first reviewed by 3 "postal" experts.
  • The final review is then done by a panel of 6 experts.
  • The end goal of the project must be clear and unambiguous.
  • Clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages over existing technologies and products.
    • 50% of rejections are due to a lack of understanding or awareness of competing technologies!
  • Clearly outline a commercialisation plan for the technology - license (ideally to an Irish company), start-up, joint venture, etc.
  • Economic benefit to Ireland is critical - when licensing to a non-Irish company be aware that the revenues generated from the license(s) should be higher than the money that is being supplied for from EI.
  • Clearly show how revenue streams can be generated from the technologies produced.
  • The prior record of the PI's commercialisation successes will be taken into account when reviewing the proposal.
  • Market research and planning should be included in the project plan. There was a long discussion about including a section of the budget for MR as part of the CFTD proposal. This should be included as part of the consultancy section. EI are looking at clarifying this section.
  • Project ranking between all 3rd level research bodies for Commercialisation Fund and Innovation Partnerships money may start again due to budget cuts. Some of the points to consider are:
    • Job creation in next 5 years.
    • Exports within 5 years.
    • Letters of support (if real) from industry do help.
    • MNC's committing to setting up in Ireland will help (R&D or manufacturing).
  • There will be a new Innovation Partnership form released in the next 2 months. The main change will be that the industry partner will complete the commercial section.

EI Technology Development - Pre-submission stage introduced

Please note that a pre-submission stage has been introduced to the Technology Development programme. This new stage will formalise the interaction between the EI Commercialisation Specialist, the Technology Transfer Office in the college and the applicant. The key aspects and timeline are outlined in this document: Technology Development Revised Process. Only proposals received by the July deadline will go forward for evaluation in September.

SFI Community Briefing Webinar now available online

Science Foundation Ireland hosted a community briefing webinar on 26th March 2009 to update the science and engineering community on SFI's plan for 2009 and beyond based upon changes to SFI's 2009 budget. The presenters were Prof Frank Gannon, Director General, SFI & Dr. Graham Love, Head of Strategy & Planning, SFI. The presentation is now available online via the following link:

SFI Community Briefing webinar

 European Institute of Innovation & Technology call for experts

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is pleased to announce that its call for independent experts opened on Thursday 14 May 2009.  The  call  is  addressed  to  individuals for the establishment of a database  of  independent  experts  to  provide expertise  in  support  of evaluations  and  of  implementation  of  the EIT  and  of  Knowledge  and Innovation Communities (KICs).
The EIT is looking for experts from a wide range of profiles and with a high level of professional expertise within the following areas:

  • Thematic area: Sustainable energy
  • Thematic area: Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Thematic area: Future information and communication society
  • Business creation and venture capital
  • Innovation in existing business
  • Entrepreneurial Education
  • Research and product development

Full details are available at:

Pre-call Announcement: IRCSET EMBARK Postgraduate Scholarship

IRCSET will accept applications for the EMBARK Postgraduate Scholarship 2nd call from Tuesday 9 June 2009 onwards. Applications can be made via an online application system. IRCSET has prepared guidelines and other documents for students who are intending to apply to the Council for funding. Further information is available for download from

UK ESRC invites overseas collaborative research applications

Overseas Co-Investigators from anywhere in the world can be included in the majority of Economic and Social Sciences Research Council research funding schemes. Any academic researcher (PhD or equivalent) from an established overseas Research Organisation of comparable standing to a UK Research Organisation will be eligible.

It is the Principal Investigator's UK Research Organisation which makes the application, and it is for the PI and their institution to make the commitment to work with, and pass on funding to, an international partner where this is the most appropriate partner for their particular research. As with UK based Co-Investigators, the ESRC will disburse funding to the institution of the PI, which will then be responsible for disbursing funds to the Overseas Research Organisation.

For more information on this initiative see:

EU Public Health Programme 2008-2013: Support for Applicants 

The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) has published frequently asked questions for the current Public Health Programme 'Second Programme of Community Action in the field of Health' call for proposals. The current 2009 call for proposals was published on 26 February will close on 20 May 2009. The frequently asked questions have been prepared by the EAHC especially for the current call and are designed to help potential applicants prepare their proposals. The questions cover all aspects of the applicantion process from eligibility and the technical aspects of the application forms, to practical advice on budget preparation and work package design.

The presentations and poster presentations from the information day held in March are available from the EAHC website. These will be of particular interest to subscribers who were unable to attend the information day and include presentations: from the Executive Agency on the call process; from the Commission on the scope and scientific content of the call (including a presentation on public health research in FP7); as well as the presentations on the different funding modalities and proposal writing.

All call documentation (including frequently asked questions, call factsheets, lists of funded projects, and the partner search facility) are available from the EAHC website at:

International Participation to become an Evaluation Criterion in SFI Proposal Assessment

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) would like to formally notify its stakeholders that participation and success in international research funding competitions will become a formal evaluation criterion in the majority of SFI funding programmes. 

Exact details will be provided as new programme calls are released but it is expected that marks will be awarded to proposals where applicants can demonstrate success in securing grants from international research funding competitions. 

In line with national policy, SFI plans to drive up Irish participation and success in international funding programmes as it increases international collaboration, enhances international competitiveness and diversifies the research funding base.  This evaluation mechanism will be introduced for calls launched from 1 April 2009 and will apply to certain programmes only. SFI will provide further information on the scope and details of the mechanism in due course.

Visit for further information on international research grant opportunities.


PRTLI Cycle 5 funding announced

The Minister for Education and Science Batt O'Keeffe T.D. has announced Cycle 5 of the Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions. PRTLI Cycle 5 will run over five years between 2009 and 2013. 

Minister O'Keeffe envisages that €300 million of public funding will be awarded to successful projects following an international assessment process. 

The investment forms part of the Government's Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (SSTI) - the blueprint for developing research and technological innovation in the Irish economy.

Further details and updates are available at:

 FP7 Co-operation - Environment and NMP: Catalogue of Projects Funded by 2008 Call Published

The European Commission has recently published a catalogue of projects likely to be funded by the FP7 Co-operation 2008 Environment Call (FP7-ENV-2008-1). The catalogue also includes information on projects to be funded under the Joint Call between the Environment and NMP themes (FP7-ENV-NMP-2008-2) on "Nanotechnologies for Water Treatment".

The catalogue include information on the proposals likely to be funded, including the abstracts and institutions involved. It may be of use to those applying to future calls who are interested which other projects are funded and running simultaneously in their area.

Further information

The catalogue is available at:


Public Health Programme: Partner Search Tool

A new  tool to search for partners in the EU Health Programme has been launched by the European Commission.

It will be managed by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) (formally the Public Health Executive Agency (PHEA) which is responsible for the implementation of the EU Health Programme and the EU Consumer Programme.

The tool has been launched ahead of the next call, which is expected in spring 2009.

The Work Plan for 2009 is expected to be published at the end of February 2009.  Following the launch of the call there is expected to be an information day in Luxembourg for potential applicants. The deadline is expected to be in May 2009.

Further information

The partner search tool is available at:

Further information on the DG SANCO Public Health Programme is available at:


It is the Principal Investigator's UK Research Organisation which makes the application, and it is for the PI and their institution to make the commitment to work with, and pass on funding to, an international partner where this is the most appropriate partner for their particular research. As with UK based Co-Investigators, the ESRC will disburse funding to the institution of the PI, which will then be responsible for disbursing funds to the Overseas Research Organisation.

For more information on this initiative see:






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