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Funding Awards

FP7 Funded Projects awarded to date

Irish Prison Service
Jennifer Schweppe, School of Law
Prison population projection survey
€12,600.00 Award date: April 2009

Enterprise Ireland - Innovation Partnership
Dr. Mark Southern, Enterprise Research Centre
Project Title: Research Tighter nominal wattage tolerances on its infra-red IR heating products
€198,242.00 Award Date: March 2009

IRCHSS - Research Initiative 2008
Dr. Ciara Breathnach, Department of History
Project Title: From the Cradle to the Grave : Lifecycles in Modern Ireland
€97,745.00  Award date: Dec-2008

IRCHSS / IRCSET - ULYSSES the Ireland France Exchange Scheme
Project title: Activism in French and Irish Pro-Unemployed and Pro-Traveller Organisation
€2,500.00  Award date: Dec-2008

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Programme

Dr. Maurice Collins, Stokes Institute, Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering €48,874

European Commission EU-New Zealand Cooperation in Education scheme

The European Commission funded only one project in its EU-New Zealand cooperation in education scheme in 2008. It was led by UL. The EU grant is 241,000 euros.

The press release link is below, see page 9 for UL project summary. Patricia O'Flaherty is project coordinator and project leader Elfed Lewis.

Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Proof Of Concept  and Technology Development

1 proposal funded out of 13 submitted

Patrick Walsh (Stokes Research institute) - :  1 year, €100,000

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnerships

Mark Southern (Enterprise Research Centre)  in conjunction with Ceramicx Ireland, €200,000

Tofail Syed and Tim McGloughlin (MSSI)  in conjunction with Cook Ireland, excess €1m.

EU funded Projects

Michael Hayes  (Charles Parsons initiative) - Energy €1.2m (to UL)

SFI Short Term Travel Fellowship successes

Award Holder



Kevin Ryan   Mel O Cinneide Augmented Automation Design Improvement


Tewfik Soulimane   Sarah O'Kane Cloning and homologous expression of Thermus thermophilus ba3- and caa3-type cytochrome c oxidases for functional and structural studies €9,400
Edmond Magner Sarah O'Neill Development of a Two Enzyme Bioreactor €7,700
Eugene Benilov Eugene Benilov Stability of vortices in fluids €9,100
Khalil Arshak Vijayalakshmi Velusamy Design of a real time biorecognition system to detect foodborne pathogens- DNA Biosensor   €8,300


Please click on the link below to view an overview of all recent Research Funding Award notifications received by the Research Office up to October 2008.

Research Funding Award Notifications 2007-2008


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