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Research News

Invitation to researchers to join latest COST actions

Some 40 new COST Actions were approved by the COST recently.

Researchers interested in the new COST Actions, or indeed in any ongoing COST Actions, may apply to join, by sending an email to A list and description of the successful Actions can be found below.

List of COST actions

COST actions description

What is COST?

COST projects or "Actions" are networks centred around nationally funded research projects in fields that are of interest to at least five COST countries.  The Actions are open to all researchers (industrial and academic).  The participation of young researchers is encouraged as is participation from non-COST countries. COST provides financial support for cooperation of scientific groups across Europe and the co-ordination of these research networks. Funds will cover the costs of networking activities such as meetings, conferences, workshops, training schools, short-term scientific missions and dissemination activities. COST does not fund research itself but provides a platform for European researchers to cooperate on a particular project and exchange expertise. Typically, actions run for 4 years and have an average budget of €120,000 per annum to support networking activities such as: meetings, workshops, conferences; short term scientific mission; training schools; and publications. In 2011, there were 260 COST Actions running of which Ireland participated in over half, approx 180 actions

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