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Rosetta Foundation launched at AGIS '09-Global Information Sharing Week

AGIS '09, Action week for Global Information Sharing - promoting equality through language and cultural diversity, will run from 21 - 23 September at the University of Limerick (UL).As part of the AGIS '09 celebrations, the University of Limerick is proud to announce the launch of The Rosetta Foundation, an NGO aiming to facilitate global information sharing and promote languages and cultural diversity for all.

Reinhard Schäler, founder of The Rosetta Institute and Director of the Localisation Research Centre at UL explains;
"Our initiative to develop an open source translation and localisation platform with GlobalSight as a backbone will widen the narrow focus of current mainstream localisation and bring the digital world closer to the three quarters of the world's population who currently do not have access to it."

Pictured Left: Prof. Don Barry and Reinhard Schäler at the launch of AGIS '09

The Rosetta Foundation, a non-profit organization works closely with NGO's including Translators without Borders, Ashoka, World Information Transfer, Handicap International and Nobel Peace Prize winners, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders to change the way global information distribution is being perceived and executed.

Speaking at the launch, University President, Prof. Don Barry said; "information is one of our most valuable assets. Access to information means access to healthcare, justice and finance. For some people it can mean the difference between life and death.  For many this may be difficult to understand, after all we, on this side of the world, are bombarded with information and messaging daily.  But 50,000 people die every day because of lack of access to appropriate health care, 80% of them because of lack of access to appropriate information. These are staggering statistics.  It is time to bring information not just to those who can afford it, but also to those who cannot."

Prof Barry reflected on the support and potential of Rosetta Foundation in saying;RosettaFoundationUL33s

 "UL has a well earned reputation for collaboration and this is also reflected in the work of the Rosetta Foundation whose work is already supported by many lead players in the localisation industry. In particular, by WeLocalize who have made available their software and expertise to set up the first service offering by the Foundation to Translators without Borders. Over the next five years, through building on its collaboration with others, the Foundation plans to employ 20 people.

The Foundation has been set up through the Localisation Research Centre (LRC) at the University of Limerick and the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL), one of the Centres for Science Engineering and Technology (CSET) co-funded by the Irish government and industry.

The Action week for Global Information Sharing will bring together hundreds of volunteer translators, localisation specialists and NGOs from all over the world to address the challenges of global information poverty.

The schedule of free events includes:
Monday 21st September: Training for volunteer translators and subject matter experts (professional courses)
Tuesday 22nd September: Action against Information Poverty (workshops)

The Action week for Global Information Sharing is a joint initiative by Translators without Borders and The Rosetta Foundation.

For further information about AGIS 09 and the Rosetta Foundation go to:

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