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French novel based in Limerick launched at UL Languages Week


 Dominique Le Meur

Speaking at the launch of his fourth novel Dominique Le Meur said "Set in Limerick, this novel looks at the deep changes that have taken place in Irish society over the past few years through a gallery of characters. Moloney comes back to his hometown Limerick after having spent 10 years in London and totally missed the Celtic Tiger years which have dramatically changed the country. Chloť, from Germany came to Ireland in a quest for a new life and Axel, from France, has been living in Limerick since the early 90's. This book tells the story of interwoven destinies which cross and collide in an ever-changing Ireland in the new millennium."

Dominique Le Meur was born in 1964 in Auxerre (France).  He is currently Junior Lecturer in French in the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies of the University of Limerick.  His first two novels, Oý vas-tu Irlande? (1998), which was awarded the Prix des Ecrivains Bretons in 1999, and BŠine (2001), are both set against the background of Northern Ireland's troubled history. L'Eire des Amants, published in 2005, is set in Limerick, Ireland, and deal with the theme of the unsaid through a devastating and passionate love story. With his latest novel Retour vers l'ailleurs (2009), also set in Limerick, Dominique Le Meur looks at the deep changes that have taken place in Irish society over the past few years.

Languages Week at UL, is a collaboration between the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, Aonad na Gaeilge and the University of Limerick Language Centre and runs from 21 - 25 September, 2009.

The celebrations will feature a series of multilingual events including poetry readings, language taster classes, workshops and film screenings will be held on campus, and various campus restaurants will offer theme days with typical food from different countries.

Dominique Le Meur

Marie Hackett, French Vice Consul & Dominique Le Meur at the launch of Dominique's book, 'Retour vers l'ailleurs'



Speaking at the launch of Languages week, Head of the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, Dr Jean Conacher said: "Ireland needs to become increasingly international in outlook if it is to prosper again in future, whilst retaining what is unique and special about its own cultural and linguistic heritage. We hope that everyone will come along to the wide range of free events on campus, explore the new Languages Building to be opened officially later this year, and find out more about what opportunities languages can open up for them now and in the future."

For further information about events at UL Languages Week go to

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