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UL Product Design Students Display Their Latest Creations

UL Product Designs

UL Product Design Students Display Their Latest Creations

Students develop sustainable and life-saving devices in UL's latest Product Design Showcase.

Students of the Bachelor of Science in Product Design and Technology at UL are exhibiting  their innovative product designs with the launch of DESIGNed10, from May 26th to June 4th in the Foundation Building, UL.

This is the 4th year of this annual exhibit and this year's creations include; a rain-water harvesting system, a diary refrigerator for farmers in developing countries, a revolutionary skate design and a multi-functional rescue aid for mountaineers. This free exhibit is sponsored by Ulster Bank and open to the public until the 4th June.

Niall DeLoughry, Course Director, BSc Product Design and Technology said; "This year's students have developed products which display true translational research and product design principles while addressing real challenges in healthcare and sustainability. These designs reflect the balance between excellent practical application and high quality visual design. A number of this year's designs have been developed in conjunction with fourth level research initiatives in UL, in particular in the area of physical education and sports sciences."

The prize winners for this year's exhibit where James Carroll (Tullamore) who designed Cera, a rescue aid for mountaineers, employing a modular design that can adapt from a hiking pole to a first aid stretcher to a pack support. Student, Mark Murray (Athlone) developed a product called MILKIT, a diary refrigerator for farmers in the developing world which is fire-powered and partially fabricated from recycled domestic refrigerators from the developing world that can be easily assembled with the basic tools in the developing world. Mark was inspired to create this product during his time volunteering in Uganda with the UL African Volunteers.

The BSc. Product Design and Technology combines the creative strategies of design relating to aesthetic sensitivity, ergonomic best fit, environmental sustainability and contemporary design trends, with the disciplines of the technological and manufacturing processes in the context of learning by doing.

For further information about BSc. Product Design and Technology at UL go to

Roll Clean - John Burke, Roscommon Town, Co. Roscommon

The "Roll-Clean" wheelchair tyre cleaning device attaches to virtually any wheelchair and allows wheelchair users to clean their tyres at any time or place giving them peace of mind on entering homes and public buildings such as shops and restaurants. John was inspired to develop this solution through his father who is a wheelchair user. In developing Roll Clean, John was challenged to design a product which was fit the majority of wheelchairs, could be used by people of varying levels of dexterity and would be strong and durable.

iSkate - Brendan Grogan, Kilmeaden, Waterford

The iSkate is a revolutionary recreation skate boasting a unique style and spherical wheel technology. Mimicking the thrills of ice-skating, the user can perform faster turns and 360 ° spins, in any urban environment. This eye-catching and comfortable product brings a new dimension of freedom to the skating world

Emoto - Stephen Lowney, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

Emoto, for the workplace of tomorrow is designed to give the user a full motion in their wrists and encourage flexing, stretching and rotating. This is reinforced by the light stimuli, giving the user feedback. The recommended usage is as little as 30 - 60 seconds an hour ensuring the product does not interrupt the flow of work. In fact these breaks will have a positive effect on the productivity of its users.

BlitzBoard - Gerard Kiely, Carrigaline, Co. Cork

The Blitz Board is a training device designed to increase the strength of the users ankles in an effective and entertaining way. It can be used by an individual at any fitness level, on any surface and with the down-loadable application becomes an entertaining exercise device and personal progress recorder.

Saber-Tek - Sean Cummins, Mungret, Co. Limerick

"Saber-Tek is a belt fed roofing and cladding cordless screw gun.  It is a functional, durable and user friendly product. It is designed to be used by a large variety of people from the DIY enthusiast to the trade professional."

My Time - Avril Seery, Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath
My Time is a scheduling and fidget toy aimed at helping children with autism, which have difficulty in understanding and carrying out a daily routine. My Time uses real life images to depict activities throughout the day. The use of real life images means the child can relate more to the image which is being displayed.  The product uses marbles to allow the child to interact with the product when the screen is not displaying and offers movement and texture which will appeal to children for interaction as a toy. There is also a smaller version of the product, which uses a rubber band instead of the marbles for a difference of texture and interaction.

Avril was inspired to create this design through her interactions with her nephew with autism and by working with St Vincent's Primary School, Limerick. She explained that this product combines a scheduling tool with a fidget toy which can be adjusted to the needs of each child.

CUBED - Ellen McDermott, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

CUBED is an outdoor recreation centre comprising of a series of interconnecting, modular blocks incorporating various levels and manoeuvrability. The blocks have the capacity to seat a multitude of groups while allowing for self-customization. Integrating seamlessly into the wider community it accommodates for the need of teenagers to hang out in a safe sociable and interactive environment. During her co-op with St Nessan's Community College, Limerick, Ellen was inspired by working with the transition year students, in creating a concept for a public space that would be interactive yet practical, durable and visually stimulating.

Jacked - Cillian O'Sullivan, Listowel, Co. Kerry

Jacked is a multi-adjustable transmission jack designed to reduce the amount of physical exertion by an automotive technician when removing the gearbox from a car. The device is used in conjunction with a car lift and is designed to be manoeuvred quickly and safely around the workshop.

Kidease - Huan Yang, Auhui China, living in Dooradoyle, Limerick.

The aim of my design is to let parents have a pleasant shopping experience when shopping with young children by using a modified shopping trolley. This shopping trolley has a new added step, shelf, interactive toy and seat for maximum of two children. It benefits the parent and encourages the children have a positive experience.
MLKIT - Mark Murray, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

The MLKIT vapour ejector refrigerator has been designed specifically for small scale Ugandan dairy farmers who are unable to store their produce due to lack of facilities or inability to afford electric domestic refrigerators. The product is a fire-powered refrigerator that is partially fabricated from recycled domestic refrigerators and is designed so it can be assembled in Uganda.

Mark was inspired to create this product during his time volunteering in Uganda with the UL African Volunteers; "MLKIT provides a sustainable option for the disposal of refrigerators in the developing world that could provide fire-power refrigeration for third world countries that would also create jobs on both sides of the process."
RainDome - Terry Irwin, Kilpedder, Co. Wicklow

The RainDome Rain-water Harvesting System is designed for custom retrofit to all standard houses. The installation and system maintenance have been simplified and costs reduced which makes it the most competitive system on the market.
It is designed to provide potable water and function with priority over mains water delivery.

In explaining his inspiration for developing this product, Terry said; "This design is cost effective to produce and maintain and can be retrofitted to standard houses. It provides a solution for Irish home-owners that would provide long-term savings, particularly in light of upcoming water charges. But, it is also suitable for developing countries in providing a simple, low cost solution for water filtration."

Siúl Skool - Jonathan O'Toole, Bunratty, Co. Clare

Siúl Skool is a paediatric treadmill to help develop a healthy gait and controlled step in infants with disabilities. The product uses a feature called a Visual Stimulus Unit to encourage the infant. The research that the project is built on proves that early intervention can reduce walking by up to a year.

Jonathan developed the paediatric treadmill design in conjunction motor research undertaken by Caroline Teulier from the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science at UL.  This design is unique in its use of adjustable visual cues and gait patterns that will provide stimulus and encouragement for the child during physiotherapy.

Aura - Brendan Mescall, Old Cork Road, Limerick

Aura is a workstation that has been designed to enhance the users living and work space at home. Aura offers laptop, stationary and files storage solutions, portability, space saving collapsible worktop when not in use. It also comprises of a 3 plug electrical socket and cable tidy system with just the need to connect the retractable power cord to a power source thus eliminating messy and unsafe cables from around the workstation. Aura offers the user quick and easy choice of where to work within the home.

Surf Xplorer - John McCall, Pennywell, Limerick

The Surf Xplorer features detachable surfboard straps, changing mat, wet pouch with drainage, waterproof materials, secret stash pocket, cool bag and surf accessories wallet. It provides the adventurous surfer freedom to explore as nothing is left to chance with this ultimate day trip surf bag. 

UL Product Designs
CERA - James Carroll, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

CERA, a new innovation in mountaineering safety equipment, gives power back to the user.  A modular design, adaptable by climbers, it carries a casualty safely off the mountain.  It's strong, lightweight, compact design utilizes climbers' equipment effectively, offering a multipurpose rescue aid.  CERA is a vital piece of equipment in a mountain leader's rucksack!
Medikit - Sean Nyhan, Doneraile, Co. Cork

The Medikit First-Aid system is a revolutionary method in dealing with First-Aid storage. Its versatile dual functionality design allows it to have increased efficiency, and a more logical method of deployment, in varied situations. Its injection moulded HDPE body offers protection from the environment and increases durability. The Medikit saves time and in First-Aid, time saves lives.

ConecX - Elaine Potter, Buree, Co. Limerick

ConecX is a laptop control device that allows the user to manipulate cursor control and text input from a remote position.
The product combines ergonomics and intuitive controls to allow the user to surf the web in comfort from there favourite position whether it be in bed or across the room from the laptop.

GO - Vidette Mellett, Kilkee, Co. Clare

GO is a new compact lightweight golf bag.  Its new design features include a built-in trolley system that allows for ease of transportation and its shape allows for easier access to the golf clubs while playing.  Detachable wet gear and cooler pockets allow for a lighter weight bag that is easy to use and maintain.

Flo2w - James D'Arcy, Minane Bridge, Co. Cork

Flo2w is a new user experience in respiratory therapy designed with the patient's comfort in mind. The system integrates a new form of regulating oxygen in an innovative and easy way for both the patient and health care professional. Its subtle design makes it feel like the patient is not even wearing it.

James was inspired to create this product after the experiences of a hospitalised family member. He explains that the product is less intimidating, removes the barrier for communication which is vital for patients and can be adjusted to fit therefore reducing sores which can occur in patients using oxygen masks on an ongoing basis. This product is design to ensure the patient receives the treatment they require but without the patient feeling hindered by the product.

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