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 10 Year anniversary 1999-2009 - Erasmus Reunion


10 Year anniversary 1999-2009 - Erasmus Reunion

A reunion of Erasmus students from 1999/2000 recently took place at the University of Limerick

Hayate Zarth, 1999/00 Erasmus student at UL said; We all came from different countries, and everybody learned to love Ireland, the Irish people, their amiability. Some of us had not visited Ireland since, so there was some anxiety to see if and how much UL had changed after 10 years. But we all were surprised to find out that UL changed in a positive way and that it has grown even further.

The past students discussed how their time in Ireland had impacted on their lives today.

Carmen from Spain, said: The year in Ireland changed my mind and opened my eyes to the world.

For some the experiences in Ireland encouraged them to experience even more cultural differences with some of the group going on to work in Japan and Canada and some deciding to move to Ireland permanently.

André said "Being in Ireland and getting to learn the Irish mentality was a great help for getting started in various customers projects."

Tim from Germany reported that his experiences in Ireland "gave him more responsibility and made him a more knowledgeable person while also introducing him to many different types of people and situations that helped him grow as a person".

Hayate Zarth went on to say; "Ireland and the University of Limerick was the best adventure in my life. The University offers a huge program for studying abroad, for being an Erasmus Student. The classes using up-to-date technology with several subjects from science, economics, translation but also sporting facilities and excursions were proposed to discover Ireland and its culture and historical background."

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