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Professor Andrew Fowler Inaugural Lecture

Professor Andrew Fowler

Professor Andrew Fowler and Professor Don Barry

Andrew began his studies as an undergraduate student at Corpus Christi College, Oxford where he was awarded a first class Honours Degree in Mathematics in 1974.  He also has M.Sc., earned in 1975; and he was awarded a D.Phil. in 1978 for his research on glacier dynamics under the supervision of Alan Tayler.  He says on his webpage "People often ask me how I got started in this apparently abstruse subject. In fact, Dale Larson, then a post-doc with Jim Murray at Oxford, had a paper by John Nye concerning waves on glaciers, and a bunch of us got interested in the problem; I simply kept going with it." 

And kept going with it he did.  From 1977 to 1980 he was a Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Mathematics, Trinity College where he continued to work on glaciology, and also started work on mantle convection, a subject which he still pursues.
He then travelled to Boston in 1980 to take up a position, first as Instructor and then as Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at M.I.T.  He left M.I.T. in 1985 to take up a University lectureship in Mathematics at Oxford University, together with a Fellowship at Corpus Christi College. He became a Senior Research Fellow at Corpus Christi College in 1989.  In 1999 he became a member of the UL family when he was appointed Adjunct Professor.  In 2007 he was appointed a Stokes Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics in association with MACSI.  He has also been a regular lecturer at the Summer School on the Dynamics of Glaciers and Ice Sheets on `Sliding, drainage and basal processes'. This school has been held in the Alps since 1995.

Andrew is a member of the Mathematical Geoscience Group (MGG) in the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. He has described it as "a lively research centre, and apart from work, we drink guinness and have decently frequent parties". Since 1977he has been a member of the International Glaciological Society.  He is also a member of  the American Geophysical Union and the Society for Mathematical Biology. 
His research interests cover a wide range of applications of mathematical modelling in the applied sciences.  These include, geophysics, biology and industrial problems, nonlinear systems and using analytical, asymptotic and numerical methods of analysis to obtain useful results.

He is currently working on problems involving frost heave, spiral waves on the North Polar Ice Cap on Mars, cardio-respiratory oscillations, instabilities in blood cell production and chronic myelogenous leukaemia, submarine turbidity currents, tree growth and the formation of drumlins.

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