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Student Printing

The University undergraduate print system is known as Payprint64Payprint64 offers black and white, and colour printing.  Printers are located throughout the Campus. 

A student receives €1 start-up funds on account creation. 

Print credits can be purchased at the Print Room (E1-005 - Main Building) during office hours (check notice board). A minimum of €1 is required.

Print Credits can now be purchased on line at the following web site  {Instructions for using this facility are located below - Online Payment Service for Payprint64.  A minimum of €10 is required.

A student print account is automatically decremented as she/he prints. Your print account balance can be viewed by clicking the PayPrint icon on your desktop. 

Your recent print history (30 days) can be viewed on                               https://payprint64.ul.campus:2941/webtools/start.html

A4 black and white (mono) printing costs 7c per page 

  • A4 Black and white duplex printing costs 14c per sheet (i.e. 7c per page)
  • A4 colour costs 25c per page

Printing is set to Duplex Printing by default on mono printers only.  [It is not an option with Colour Printers.]  You can choose to print on a single side by choosing this option in the print dialog box. 

How to add a printer: Start, Run and type  .\\\\PAYPRINT64   OK..Double Click on required printer. Close.

Note:  Lead/Header sheets are printed with your Printouts.  You are not charged for these lead/header sheets.  They simply allow you to identify your printed material.  Please dispose of these Lead/Header Sheets in the Recycle bins located in the print areas of the PC labs.

Laser Printers Located: Most ITD managed PC clusters : Main Building + Library + PESS + Schrodinger - SR3-005B & SR2-031 + Health Science Building - HSG-006 & HSG-007 + Schuman Building - S1-19 & S2-04 + KBS - KB1-21A, KB1-21B & KB1-22 + Language Building - LC1-016 & LCB-012 + GEMS Building - GEMS1-023

Colour Printers Located: Library Building, Main Building - AO-060B & AO-060C, Schrodinger Building - SR3-005B + Health Science Building - HSG-006 + Engineering & Research Building - ER0-009 + GEMS Building - GEMS1-024

 Print Room:  ITD provides a range of printing services to students as follows:

  • Printing Reports/FYPs via cash sales or on-line using Webprint -
  • Sale of student lecture notes
  • Sale of student Print Credits for on-line printing
  • Print finishing services - binding, laminating etc.

Contact Phone Number: 061 20 2515

Location: E1-005 in Main Building


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Check your Print Account Balance

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