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Software for Home Use


For your Software needs (Microsoft Office, Encarta, Visio etc etc) try Software4Students, an authorised Microsoft Education Reseller

Log on to the following web site for further information.

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 Matlab: UL is licenced for Matlab for both Staff & Students. Students requiring a copy for home use should email and Staff can install it on their work pc from a script by clicking Start, All Programs, Install Software and selecting the appropriate Matlab 32bit or 64bit version.


Maple and PASW (SPSS)  Software for the Staff and Student Community

The Information Technology Division have purchased Campus Agreements for Maple (Mathematical Software) (for use by Staff only) and PASW (SPSS)  (statistics software) for use by both Staff and Students for home use.  This software is available from the Library short-term loan.

Valid University of Limerick identification is required.  Upon receipt of the software you are obliged to sign an acceptance form and agree to abide by the terms of the Licence.

Waterloo Maple is the software development company that provides Maple software.  It is widely recognized for providing quality tools and services for the advancement of technical computing.  Maple's flagship product Maple is highly regarded by educators, students and technical professionals.  Maple is one of the world's most powerful computer algebra systems.

PASW (SPSS) delivers analytical solutions in many forms.  With its ease of use,  PASW(SPSS) is a strong tool for anyone who works with business, scientific or social data.  ITD have purchased the Windows Standard PASW (SPSS) option.






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Microsoft Office for Home Use

In line with the established partnership between CHEST IRL & Microsoft Ireland, full time students in each of the participating CHEST IRL institutions are entitled to purchase software through the Academic Student Select programme, allowing students to avail of the preferential pricing on Microsoft products such as Windows XP Upgrade and Office XP, FrontPage, Visual and Offices Systems 2003. currently enjoyed by the colleges themselves.

CHEST IRL has signed up two resellers for students to avail of this offer and the details and contact name are listed below.  Please contact the resellers Fujitsu Siemens and Dell for prices.

Fujitsu Siemens
Sinead Coughlan/Shane Dollery
Unit 10A, Beckett Way
Parkwest Business Campus
Nangur Road
Dublin 12
Phone: (01)6204177 / 6204193
Email: /

Dell Computers
Dave Hoffman
Cherrywood Science and Technology Park
Phone: (01)2794937

Bibliographic Software Purchase (Staff and Students)

The Endnote Bibliographic software is available for home usage. Forms are available from the Library Information Desk.


ITD has found the following free software to be of high quality:

Open Office:

Anti-Virus software: AVG AVAST



If you need to report a computer problem
How to instructions are available - download instructions

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