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Logging on to your Computer Account

To use a computer you MUST have a computer account i.e. you need a Username and Password.  Only with these can you print and access your email account.

UL student ID cards are issued by Student Academic Administration Office. 

Step 1. Swipe - Password Reset PCs 

Step 2. Logging on to your Computer Account

Step 3. Set up your Email Account 

Step 4. Set up your Print Account

Step 5. Register Modules for term

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 Step 1. "Swipe - Password Reset PCs" 

  1. The "Swipe - Password Reset PCs" reset failing/forgotten passwords.
  2. The "Swipe - Password Reset PCs" are located in the PC area of the Library Building, the Venus Cluster (A0-060C), S1-19, KB1-21A, SR3-005b and the Health Science Building (HSG-006)
  3. Place your UL Student ID Card on card reader and follow instructions displayed on screen of the "Swipe - Password Reset PC" and Save your new password.

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 Step 2. Logging on to your Computer Account

  1. Go to any PC Room and Log on to a PC
  2. Log on by pressing simultaneously the CTRL, ALT and Delete Keys on your Keyboard
  3. Enter your UserName (which is your ID Number)
  4. Enter your Password (which is your Date of Birth e.g. 12Jan1989) if not already personalised on line after enrolment
  5. Click OK

Information about your Computer Account and How it Works

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 Step 3. UL Student Microsoft Office 365 Email Account 

  • This is a hosted email service Microsoft Office 365 provided by the University of Limerick in collaboration with Microsoft. 
  • Every student automatically receives a mailbox.
  • Click on "My Mail" link in portal (default student web at log on) or go to:
  • The format of your Email address is  e.g.
  • Your Date of Birth will NOT give access to your UL Student Email Account. Your initial Student Computer Account Password of date of birth must first be personalised

More Information on Email

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 Step 4. Set up your Print Account 

  • All new users have a print a/c balance of €1
  • Click on Start Button, choose Run
  • Type:  .payprint64 and click OK for a full list of Mono and Colour Printers. Double click on a printer. The printer will be added to your list of available printers
  • Activate your Print Account by printing one page from Microsoft Word - Click on File menu, choose Print, click  OK
  • Print Account Information web link Icon on Desktop to http://payprint64:2941/webtools
  • Log in with your ID Number & Password.
  • More Print Credit can be purchased from the Print Room (E1-005)

More Information on Printing available here...

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 Step 5: Register Modules for Term 

  • Log onto to register for classes and modules of your Programme of Study     Please note that your PIN number is not the password you use to log on to the PCs.  Instructions available on the Student Academic Administration web site. Any problems email

More Information on Registering for Term available here... 

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 Your Computer Account, Saving and SkyDrive 

  • Every currently registered UL student is provided with a Computer Account.
  • Students can work on their files in the C:WorkArea of PCs  but there are no backup / storage facilities on PCs. All files are deleted during nightly shutdown of systems. 
  • Prior to logging off from a PC, SAVE all your files to a USB key.  Always make sure that you have a backup of all your files on a second USB key.
  • Students are advised to save their work every 15 minutes
  • Personal Microsoft SkyDrive Account: this personal account will give you access to all your existing SkyDrive content, Messenger and other Microsoft services. Note that the University of Limerick no longer administers this account. As a result, we cannot reset the password for you. To access this account you will use your UL Email address, e.g. and your Student Computer Account password                                                  
  • SkyDrive link::


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 How to log off PC

  • Close all open programs and windows, and do one of the following:
  • Option One:
    • Hold down and keep held the CTRL key on your keyboard
    • Keeping the CTRL key held click the 'Start' button, and click on 'Log Off 0xxxxxx'
    • Click Yes from the window in the middle of the screen and release the CTRL key or
  • Option Two:
    • Press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete (Del) buttons simultaneously
    • From the screen that appears, click on Log Off. Click Yes.



IT Student Support

Mailbox to assist students experiencing computer problems


Laptop Clinics:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays:
14h30 to 15h30

PC area of LISB - during semesters More Information

Print Room Location

Open Monday - Friday
9h00 - 17h00
Use Map to Locate

Student Computing Information

Student Printing Services
Location of PC Rooms       

Check your Print Account Balance

Forgotten Password?              Go to a Swipe PC in one of the ITD Managed PC Rooms and follow onscreen instructions


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