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University of Limerick Content Management System

What is the Content Management System (CMS)?

The Content Management System (CMS) is a way to create webpages quickly and easily without the need of external developers .

Why use the Content Management System?

The Content Management System allows fast and easy creation of webpages which are designed using templates specifically designed for your website. As there are vast amounts of companies that develop websites, ITD cannot be held responsible for any problem that may occur with those websites that are hosted on the UL web server.  However, any web pages developed through the Content Management System (CMS) (which is a UL based resource) are supported and have the backing of the ITD Web Support team.

How do I apply for an account on the Content Management System?

All queries relating to the Content Management System should be logged with the ITD Service Desk using the following link: http://inside/itdservicedesk/ or by email

Supporting Documentation

Documentation relating to the CMS can be accessed through the link below.  Any other problems relating to the CMS should be logged with the Service Desk using the following link http://inside/itdservicedesk/ or by email 

A Complete Guide to the Content Management System [best printed in colour]

Quick Access - a guide to using Content Management System [aimed at experienced users]

Some of the Frequenly Asked Questions....

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If you need to report a computer problem
How to instructions are available - download instructions

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