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Web Services provided by the Information Technology Division

The information provided on these pages is currently under review - please log a call with ITD to request information on ITD's Web Strategy.

The World Wide Web is an important electronic publications medium. This policy document is intended to promote the appropriate use of this medium and applies to information published on all University web servers. All material so published should be provided only by registered information providers. Such information providers will normally be either Departmental Information Providers i.e. representatives of Colleges, Departments, Centres or other groups within the University or Personal Information Providers.

Information Technology Division will only accept websites developed in Drupal for publication on the main University of Limerick webserver ( Web sites should conform with the following policies

Only websites developed by one of the three procured web developers can be hosted on the UL Corporate Webserver

All information providers are bound by the University's Policy on Publishing Documents in Electronic Format, including legal, honest and decent use of resources. In particular, information providers will be responsible for copyright compliance, accuracy, currency, conformity with the principles governing content and style of the material, and ensuring that no defamatory material is published. If any of the material is personal data then it should be published in accordance with the principles and registered in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

The University wishes to encourage good WWW authoring practice in all information providers. Conformance with UL Web Design and Brand guidelines which will result in a reasonably consistent look and feel for the web site and reflect the goals and ethos of the University are available and should be followed. These guidelines may be updated and expanded from time to time.

ITD Managed Drupal website developments

Visit for more information on the hosting your corporate website on the ITD Managed Drupal Instance

Department Information Web Content Providers

Each department, college, research centre etc. should nominate ONE co-ordinator/information provider who is wholly responsible for the publication of their pages. This person will be able to create, upload and delete material. The departmental information provider must have the approval of their dean, department head, chairperson or director. The dean, department head, chairperson or director is responsible for the content of WWW publications of that department or unit.

Personal Information Web Content Providers

ITD no longer provides web space on the UL web servers for personal web pages.  We encourage you to utilise the Teaching (SULIS & Sharepoint) and Research Information Systems to host content. 

External Web Developers

You should log a call with ITD to discuss your new website before choosing a web developer.  Access for external web developers to the UL Web Servers is prohibited.  Website deployment will be managed by ITD.  External Web Developers should be made aware of the Policy on Web Design, the Web Deployment Procedure, the University of Limerick Brand Specifications. Please Note: websites must be developed in DRUPAL and be developed by one of the three approved web developers - details can be found at


If you need to report a computer problem
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