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Staff Printing Services

Purchasing a Printer - Consider the following:

ITD currently recommends the HP range of printers for staff. Over the past years ITD has had considerable experience with these printers and has found them reliable, easy to configure and easy to support on the University network. Standardisation greatly reduces the total cost of ownership. Recent experience with alternative manufacturers has highlighted on-going support and compatibility problems. ITD is not able to give the same level of support to non-HP printers.

  1. Should you purchase a printer or printer/copier other than HP please ensure that you have technical support for your purchase.
  2. ITD will allow your technical support personnel access to the 'TrialPrint' Print Server to configure your new printer's queue and install drivers.
  3. ITD cannot guarantee continuity of service on the 'TrailPrint' print server because the print drivers have not been tested in the university environment and may cause unforeseen service failure.
  4. The support for the non-HP printer will probably come from the supplier supplying the printer. The ITD service desk will not be able to take support calls for these printers - you should contact the supplier who sold you the printer.

Connecting a Printer.

The procedure for adding a printer be it either local or network is very easy to follow.

A local printer is a printer that is located next or near to your PC and is used only by you. A network printer is connected to your PC via a network (telephone cable running from your PC to a telephone connector on the wall). Usually a network printer is shared among users i.e. many PCs are connected to the one printer.

Follow the instructions below to connect to either a local or a networked printer.

Instructions to Connect to a Printer

  1. From the Start menu, choose Settings and Printers
  2. The Printer dialog box will open listing the printers (either networked or local) that are connected to your PC.
  3. Double-click the Add Printer icon
  4. Follow the Add Printer wizard by clicking Next on the appropriate windows.
  5. You will be asked which you wish to connect to

Further Information:

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