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Getting Started with your Computer in UL

Obtaining an account to use on the University Network and Email Services

If you are a staff member or research student of the University of Limerick you are entitled to have an account to use the University's computing and email facilities.

A staff member should ask their Departmental Co-ordinator or Head of Department to contact the ITD Service Desk (by phone or email) giving the following information:

  • full name (including any middle initials),
  • ID Number
  • department,
  • room number
  • phone number.

The account will be created within one working day of the request being made.

Research Students should request their Supervisor to send the same information to the ITD Service Desk.

Your account and email name will usually be the same and be in the format:         firstname.surname

However if your name is not unique then your initials will be added until it becomes unique.

You MUST login on the campus and change your password from the default to a secure password (see the section of security and psswords) to make the account active. You must change your password at least once a year.

Both your network account and email account will be deleted 1 month after you leave the University unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with ITD - contact the ITD Service Desk.

If you do not use the account for a period of 6 months it will be disabled and after a further period of 6 months will be deleted.


Getting a PC

Each Department/Cost Centre is responsible for the purchase of PCs for their own members of Staff. ITD has tendered for the supply of PCs to the University and the Department/Cost Centre will purchase from one of the selected suppliers .

ITD provides a service to configure and install a PC purchased from one of the approved suppliers for those departments who don't have their own IT support staff (currently the MOE, MAE, Physics, CSIS, ECE departments have their own support staff). ITD has, what is known as the Staff Standard Build for installation on new computers.

Contact the ITD Service Desk to request this service. If you are a new member of staff and receive an existing computer that has been used before then the computer has to be re-configured for your email account - documentation (link below) is available for this or contact the ITD Service Desk .


Setting up your Email Account

Opening your Email on Another PC


Telephone Services

Information on Telephone Services available here 


If you need to report a computer problem
How to instructions are available - download instructions

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