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Managing the Disk Space on your PC

The Hard Disk on your computer that stores your important data needs management. Primarily it needs a regular backup of files and folders to ensure that you can do a restore should the disk ever crash or otherwise turn faulty such that you could lose, or otherwise cannot access, your files.

ITD Policy on the responsibility for backup of customer data held on Staff PCs:

ITD offers networked disk space (known as the M drive) to all UL staff for secure storage of their personal data (eg: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other important documents) up to 1GB of data. NB: Staff members are personally responsible for copying their important files to their M drive which is then backed up regularly by ITD.  The backup of all other data (except what's on the M drive) is the sole responsibility of staff members themselves. Staff should consider using backup facilities such as writeable CD and DVD drives available on most staff pcs or use personal external USB memory keys or USB Hard drives. ITD recommend that you use FBackup4 as your backup software. You can download a FREE copy from In the event of data loss ITD are responsible for restoring the contents of the M drive only and staff are responsible for restoring any other data such as that stored on their USB hard drives.

What happens to my data when I get a new PC or Notebook? As part of the setup of your new pc or notebook ITD will transfer the data from your old device to your new one using dedicated network storage space. This is a data transfer service only and the data is deleted from the network storage space 2 weeks after the date of the transfer to help manage our available disk space. NB: This data is permanently deleted after the 2 week period and thus cannot be restored for staff.

M-Drive working guidelines

All other data important to the University should be stored on SharePoint.

  • CD holds 640MB
  • DVD holds 4GB 
  • Memory Sticks (USB Keys) hold upto 32GB.
  • Most computers delivered to the University have a writeable CD/DVD.

Further Information:

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