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SULIS - Learning Management System within UL (Staff)

Sulis is the name that UL has adopted for Sakai, our common learning management system.  

Sulis is a set of software tools designed to help lecturers, tutors and students have spaces (web sites) for collaboration, communication, teaching and learning. It can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Sulis is supported collaboratively by the Information Technology Division and the Centre for Teaching and Learning

How the Sulis project is organised at UL

System access

Every member of the campus community (user) who has an active directory account has access to Sulis.  Each semester course sites will be created for each of the modules taught in the University.  As well as having access to a personal workspace, users will have access to any course site in which they have been added as a participant. 

Module Sites

Module sites are created automatically before the start of each semester for each module that will be running in the following semester.  On initial creation each module is set to unpublished.  Students are unable to view a module site until it is published by the faculty member responsible for managing the site.  Details on publishing course sites can be found at the Sulis Support site in the resources section.

Instructor access

Instructor access to a course is assigned to the individual identified by the Head of Department as the principle faculty member on a module.  This information is obtained from the SI system.  The faculty member assigned from the SI system is the manager of the course site.  Any extra lecturers/teaching assistants added to the site are the responsibility of the site manager.  

If the modules you have access to in Sulis are not correct (i.e. you have no access or you do not teach them any more) it is important that you contact your head of department so that the information can be relayed to Student Academic Administration (Martina O'Halloran).

Student access

Student access to course sites is controlled by registration on the SI system.  In order to get access to a course site a student must be registered on the related module within SI.  Student registrations are updated nightly (i.e. a student who registers on a module today will have access to the course site tomorrow).  If a student de-registers from the module the student is taken off the site the following day.

Further information

Further information about using the Sulis e-learning system can be found on the Sulis Support site. All faculty members identified in the SI system as teaching a module next semester have been added as participants on this site.  The site contains information relating to using Sulis, user manuals and frequently asked questions. If you are not a member yet, join following these steps:

  1. Open
  2. Login using your network username and password.
  3. In My Workspace select Membership from the menu on the left.
  4. Select Joinable sites from the menubar under My Workspace (this will display all publicly joinable sites)
  5. Select join under the Sulis Support site.
  6. The site is now viewable under  My Sites. (click on My Courses to display the courses that you are either an instructor on or a student of)


Support is offered through a number of different channels. 

  1. The user manuals which are available on the Sulis Support site 
  2. The discussion board on the Sulis Support site where users can share experiences with using Sulis (both good and bad)
  3. Announcements on the Sulis Support site in relation to training/updates etc. 
  4. Documented frequently asked questions on the Sulis Support site.
  5. Logging a call with the ITD service desk (http://inside/itdservicedesk or extn: 2999)


If you need to report a computer problem
How to instructions are available - download instructions

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