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Communicating with the UL Community

UL Campus Community Email Notices

The "ITD Subscriber Mail" email service has been replaced with Subscriber Lists.    The Subscriber Lists are used to communicate information to the UL Campus Community. The subscriber lists are divided up into different categories - Optional and Compulsory.

Some Subscriber Lists have an optional membership i.e. you decide if you want to receive emails regarding events/information.  Optional Membership lists include

  • Events (an event includes items such as an upcoming lecture, seminar, training course, retirement - an Event is classified as anything that will occur in UL)
  • Opinions (used for discussion)
  • Bereavements
  • For Sale or Wanted
  • ITD Teaching Information - notices regarding changes to Teaching Equipment (computers) in the lecture theatres.
  • Lost and Found
  • Research Information - notices regarding "Call for Papers"
  • Sport - information regarding sports results and events
  • Timetables - information regarding student timetables and exam timetables.

You must be a member of these lists to be able to send information to the campus community via them.  Further information on subscribing (becoming a member) to any of these lists is available on the next page.

Other Subscriber Lists have a compulsory membership i.e. under University policy you must receive certain notices.  Compulsory Membership Subscriber Lists include

  • Presidents Office notices, (PONotices)
  • ITD Notices, (ITDNotices)
  • HR Notices (HRNotices)
  • Health & Safety Notices.

Only certain people can send messages via these lists.

Staff are reminded of the University Regulations regarding the usage of email (see Under Regulations on the ITD website) and in partiuclar the following:

  • The creation and exchange of messages that are illegal, offensive, harassing, defamatory, obscene or threatening or that are in conflict with the University Code of Conduct in the Use of Computer Facilities or national legislation.
  • The unauthorised exchange of  proprietary information, trade secrets or any other privileged, confidential or sensitive information.
  • The unauthorised creation and exchange of advertisements, solicitations, chain letters, viruses and other unsolicited E-mail. 
  • The creation and exchange of information in violation of any copyright laws.


Further Information:

UL Email Subscription Service

How to make the best use of the Opinions Forum - Outlook 2003 Users

Targeting your Messages - Email Etiquette

Communicating with Students

ITD have developed various Student Contact Lists to enable lecturers to communicate with students.  These lists include Student Module Groups; Advisee Groups, Class Lists and All Year Students.  The lists are for use by Staff only.  The following document will guide you through the use of these lists.

Communicating with Groups of Students - Student Distribution Lists


If you need to report a computer problem
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