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Operating your Telephone - Frequently Asked Questions
Phone Greeting Message
  • The default greeting is not sufficient for my needs I would like to record my own voicemail message.
  • How do I get this recorded message to come up in voicemail?
  • I don' want to record a long message. Just insert my name followed by my number
Setting Up Voicemail & Other Options
  • Set Up Voicemail
  • Set phone to go directly to voicemail
  • Voicemail is not cutting in
  • Picking up voicemail message from own phone, another phone, home or mobile
  • Pick voicemails up as emails
  • Change voicemail password from default
  • What to do if you have forgotten your PIN
  • Change Xpressions login password
What are the forwarding options?
  • To forward calls when the phone is busy/not answered
  • To forward all calls to another extension when the phone is busy/not answered
  • If you want to forward to an external number when the phone is busy/not answered
  • And if you want to forward all calls straight to an external number then dial
  • I want to forward a voicemail message to someone else's phone
What playback controls can I use?

Accessing your messages and other options for message control



If you need to report a computer problem
How to instructions are available - download instructions

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