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Post Services within the University

An Post delivers external mail to the University each morning about 8h30 and this is normally sorted by 10h00. The mail is then delivered particular distribution points (generally the departmental office) to each of the University buildings.

The afternoon delivery to the various buildings will start at 15h00.  The exact time of delivery will be shortly after this time, depending on the order in which the buildings are done and the amount of mail for delivery.

General Points:

  • Mail for internal circulation is collected during the delivery of the external mail. This collection is then sorted and delivered.
  • Mail for external posting is collected during the afternoon delivery. To catch the last post, mail should be at the collection points by 15h00.
  • Registered mail must be handed in at the Post Room by 12h30.
  • An Post collects the University's external mail each evening at 16h30.
  • Private mail maybe handed in at the Post Room counter or at any collection point with the required stamps affixed.

Delivery times:

In general the time taken to deliver mail from receipt of delivery of An Post mail to delivery to one of the distribution points is 1 working day and for internal mail from the time of collection to delivery is 24 hours.

Rates used by An Post are available at: . Within UL 15% is added to postal charges to cover costs of franking machines, charges made by An Post to UL to cover delivery and collection, etc.

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