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Phone Greeting Message

Contact if you are having problems following the information below.

The default greeting is not sufficient for my needs I would like to record my own voicemail message.

  • Go to  http://inside.ul.campus/AD/
  • Ignore the error message which appears (you entered an invalid user name or password. Please try again)
  • Login with your telephone number as the user name and your telephone password (default is extension number unless you have changed it as above)
  • Your voicemail settings are displayed as a screen split into two panes.
  • The left pane gives your menu options (User Data, Voice Mail System Settings, Forward Access Menu etc).
  • Clicking to choose any of these options will give its corresponding  data and available options displayed in the right hand side pane.

To record your greeting click on Recordings in the left pane

  • Click the Create box.
  • Click Personal Greeting and select the method Record via telephone then click Create.
  • You will be rung on your own telephone number to start the recording.
  • If you are at another internal number change the window prompt that comes up to that number.
  • The phone will ring. Answer it.
  • When you are ready press Record.
  • Wait for the  short beep on the phone and then speak your greeting.
  • When finished press Pause.
  • Press Play to hear your greeting then Exit and Save when you are happy with it.
  • This is your number 1 greeting and you can record 8 other messages if you want.

More detailed instructions for this are contained in the document New - Changing Voice Mail Settings

How do I get this recorded message to come up in voicemail?

  • Go here  http://inside.ul.campus/AD/
  • After logging in click on Time Profiles in the left hand pane.
  • Under the Monday settings click the down arrow in Alternate Greeting and select 1 which is your first recorded message.
  • Tick the box underneath that says Use Monday settings for whole week then Save (scroll down the page, you may not see it other wise).
  • This setting will play your message between business hours of 08.00 a.m. and 05.01 p.m.
  • You can change these business hours (keep the same syntax of HH;MM) After business hours the message coming up will be the default system one unless you specify your own message again in the After-hours greeting box.

More detail and options for setting your voicemail greeting are contained in the document New - Changing Voice Mail Settings


I don't want to record a long message. Just insert my name followed by my number

  • Ring 449 from your own phone or 441 from another internal phone.
  • Dial 8 for answering options
  • Press 4 for recorded name
  • Press * then # when finished recording


If you need to report a computer problem
How to instructions are available - download instructions

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