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Regulations - Departmental Computer Support Staff

Policy - Departmental Computer Support Academic Departments.

  1. ITD is responsible for the University Network to the point of interconnection of an individual computer.
  2. Departments should abide by any IT agreed policies.
  3. ITD provides an agreed desktop environment across the University. Departments may decide to alter
    this standard environment but, because of the resultant increase in support costs, this is not recommended. The standard environment has been found to be more than adequate for the majority of
    users and this environment should only be altered in exceptional circumstances. If the standard
    environment is changed, itmay not be effectively supported by ITD. Such changes have to be supported by the individual departments.
  4. The standard ITD build is normally agreed at both the Computer Support Staff Forums and the CUC and will normally only be changed during the Summer vacation.
  5. Faculty and staff in departments with local computer support staff will receive their computer support
    from these staff (for example this includes configuring any new PCs purchased by the department).
    6. Faculty and staff in departments with local support may decide to use the central ITD Service Desk. If
    the Support Desk can answer the query they will; f the problem relates to an area of ITD's responsibility
    (e.g. service outage) the call will be referred to the relevent ITD support group otherwise the problem will be referred to the Departmental Computer Support Person and the user so informed. Departmental Support staff must agree with the Service Desk manager procedures for contact, handling calls and call escalation.
  6. If a department decides not to use the Service Desk then, in the event of a member of that department
    ringing the Service Desk, the Service Desk will advise the caller to contact their local Computer Support
    Staff person.
  7. Departmental Computer Support Staff are entitled to receive support from any area within ITD. Where
    support is for locally made changes ITD will give help on a 'best effort' basis.
  8. Departmental Support Staff are expected to attend the ITD arranged monthly Computer Support Staff
  9. Any training internally provided by ITD staff will also be offered to the Departmental Computer Support
  10. ITD has security concerns if departments wish to use undergraduate students as their Departmental
    Computer Support Staff and cannot accept such at the Computer Support Staff Forums.

Gordon Young
10 August 2001


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