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Regulations - Access to Staff Offices by ITD Staff

As part of the maintenance and cleaning of the University certain staff are authorised to enter individual offices in the absence of the occupier. The names of these staff are registered with the Buildings Office and Security.

Such staff include:

  • Cleaning staff
  • Building maintenance staff
  • ITD maintenance staff

Such service staff will abide by the following principles:

  • On entering an individual 's workspace where the individual is present and the staff member is unknown to the individual. the staff member will present their University ID card if requested to do so.
  • Where a visit takes place and the normal occupant is not present the service staff member will leave a service card dated and signed indicating their presence, BEFORE commencing work (this does not apply to cleaning staff).
  • Service staff will leave a location in the same condition as found. Any accidental breakages will be reported to the Buildings Office.
  • Master and other keys have been allocated to such Service Staff. In the event that a key is observed to be missing or mislaid, this will be reported immediately to the Buildings Office.
  • If it is required to enter living quarters, whether occupied or not, a second person, representing the living quarters company, MUST be present, otherwise the visit will not go ahead. If it is known that the living quarters are occupied, then the representative will be of the same gender as the occupant.

Staff Responsibilities.

In order to allow ITD maintenance staff to service PCs in an individual's office, staff are expected to ensure that adequate access is possible to the PC.

Gordon Young.
17nd April 2000.


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