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Regulations - System Administrator Responsibilities

All users of computer resources that are connected to the University of Limerick computer network (regardless of ownership of the computer resource) are governed by the University's 'Code of Conduct for Users of the University of Limerick's computing resources.

In addition the System Administrators have additional responsibilities for systems under their control that are connected to the University computer network to ensure that the integrity of University of Limerick computer resources are not threaten by users of the system under their control.

Responsibilities of System Administrator

  • The System Administrator will ensure that their users agree to abide by the University's 'Code of Conduct for Users of the University of Limerick's computing resources.
  • The System Administrators will ensure that accounts of users are kept up-to-date and in particular
    that former accounts are disabled or deleted.
  • The System Administrators will, where practical, log usage and retain logs of usage for an
    appropriate length of time
  • The System Administrators must report serious attempted and actual breaches of security to ITD
    promptly. Logs of incidents must be maintained by the system administrator and a summary
    included in their reports to ITD.
  • The System Administrator is responsible for obtaining and applying security fixes relevant to their
  • The System Administrators should register with ITD the platforms used to provide the IT facilities
    for which they are responsible.

Procedure to be followed in the Event of a Security Breach.

In the event that ITD detects a security breach to the University computing resources from a system, ITD will immediately notifying the System Administrator who will then take immediate steps to stop the security breach. In the event that the System Administrato rfails to take sufficient action to stop the security breach ITD reserves the right to remove the relevant computer from the University's computer network.

Gordon Young,
Information Technology Division.
2 May 2002


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