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How to Update a Document Library on SharePoint Portal

Option One - Email

When using email to add documents to your document library, SharePoint Portal will automatically create a folder based on the email Subject title and will put all the files attached to the email into that folder.

Attach documents to an email and send it to the address for your document library. In the Subject part of the email enter the name of the new folder e.g. Repeats Summer 09.

Open a web browser to view the document library to confirm that the folder and documents have arrived. If you already have a web browser open with a view of your document library page in SharePoint Portal, press refresh to update the view of your document library.

Option Two - Direct Upload

Documents can be directly uploaded from a PC to a document library in SharePoint Portal.

Sign in to Sharepoint -

Navigate to the document library within SharePoint Portal, click on the upload button in the centre of the page. See image below.

Upload Docs


There are two options

  • Upload Document - if there is only one document to upload
  • Upload Multiple Documents - if there are several documents to upload into the same folder.

Create a New Folder in a Document Library

Click New located on the left hand side of the top menu bar. This gives you the option of creating a new document or new folder. See image below.

Create Folder


Edit / Delete Folders and Files in a Document Library

Click on the file or folder name to carry out various functions on that file or folder. 
Select Edit Properties to change the file or folder name and select Delete to remove the file or folder. See image below.

Delete Files 


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