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Sulis Upgrade Information

For an overview of what's new in Sulis please click here

Look and Feel:


The 2.9 release includes neoportal, which is a redesign of the existing Sakai portal. Neoportal improves the overall look and feel of the CLE, optimizes screen space for the smaller form factor of tablets, and provides the following features:

  • Collapsible tools menu--users may collapse or expand the tools menu in a site
  • Direct navigation to tools in a site--each site link displayed across the top of the CLE screen includes a dropdown menu of tools. Users can navigate directly to a tool by selecting it from the menu
  • User menu--by clicking on a user icon displayed in the upper right corner of the CLE screen, users can navigate to a subset of My Workspace tools (Profile, Preferences, and Site Setup), as well as access a brief tutorial on using the CLE
  • Sites drawer--users can click on a "More Sites" tab at the top of the screen to see a popup window displaying all of their active sites. From this window, users may search active sites, as well as navigate to the Site Setup and Preferences tool
  • Quick publish access--if a site is unpublished, a "Publish Now" button displays above the tools menu. A site owner can publish a site immediately by clicking this button, without navigating to the Manage Access page of the Site Editor tool. (Note: this feature is an enhancement for Site Editor, but is only available in neoportal.)
  • Mobile detection--with neoportal, the CLE can be configured to recognize tablets as regular, and not mobile devices.

Mobile Access
Includes improvements from Project Keitai, which focuses on making Sakai "mobile-ready," so native applications can be created to enhance the mobile experience in Sakai.


  • Assignments - group submission, grading and resubmission are applied to each individual across the group by carring out activity for the single group
  • Tests and Quizzes - Event Log to provide detailed information about activity in tests and quizzes. New questions types - calculated and extended matching, new interface (accordion)
  • Site Editor - Students can join and unjoin instructor created groups


  • Forums - allows 'Ranks' be assigned to specific users based on the number of posts made
  • Sign-up . This tool lets site owners schedule, and other site participants sign up for, a variety of events, such as office hour visits, review sessions, and study groups. The Sign-up tool is typically added to course and project sites.
  • Audio Recording Widget in the CKEditor (RIch Text Editor) - 180 seconds of Voice permitted.


  • Lesson Builder.  Lesson Builder can be used to structure sequenced content and create pages that incorporate text, video and other rich media; activities from a variety of tools in the CLE; and external solutions.
  • LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) This release includes support for version 2.0 of the LTI specification developed by IMS. The Sakai CLE is the first LMS to provide support for this latest specification, which allows for more advanced integration with external learning resources
  • Resources - drag and drop; restore deleted items
  • Help - new content based on Sakai community submissions

Some Items are no longer supported and will be removed or replaced at the time of upgrade. See the list below:

  • Blogwow replaced with clog
  • jforum replaced with forum
  • melete replaced with lesson builder
  • OSP (Portfolio tools)
    • Evaluations
    • Forms
    • Glossary
    • Matrices
    • Portfolio Layouts
    • Portfolio Templates
    • Portfolios
    • Styles
    • Wizards


For further more detailed information about Sakai 10, look at the links below:


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5. Unicon - detailed list of new features

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7. Where's Sakai headed?


If you need to report a computer problem
How to instructions are available - download instructions

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