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Purchase to Pay

The University's Financial Management Information System (Agresso) is an integrated Purchasing/Goods Receiving/Payment system. A summary of the University's Purchasing/Goods Receiving/Payment procedure is outlined below and must be followed:


1.    Each Department sources goods, prices and selects Supplier in accordance with University's Procurement Procedures.

2.    Department completes Purchase Requisition on-line confirming that either Contract Supplier is used or where contracted supplier is not available, written quotes are received from three suppliers where order value is €5,000 net or over (attach quotes to requisition). Where less than three quotes are received, attach completed Supplier Selection Justification Form. Provide UL Tender No. if applicable.

3.    Requisition will be work-flowed through approval process on Agresso. (NOTE: The Requisition No. is not a PO No. and should not be given to Supplier)

4.    Finance will check Purchase Requisition for compliance, and Supplier for Tax Clearance

5.    Official Purchase Order is issued to Supplier, with copy to User [1]

6.    Purchase Orders remain valid for 150 days unless otherwise stated on PO

GOODS DELIVERY: (Purchase Orders are cleared for payment on-line)

1.    Goods are delivered to Goods Inwards quoting PO No. and recorded on Agresso

2.    Purchasing User receives goods from Goods Inwards

3.    Purchasing User receives  on-line Delivery notification (GRN)

4.    Purchasing User approves Delivery (GRN) on-line ALLOWING PAYMENT. (If the goods delivered are unsatisfactory, reject GRN with comment, Goods should be returned to Supplier via Goods Inwards)


1.    Invoices are sent directly to Accounts Payable quoting PO No.

2.    Accounts Payable will match the Invoice to the Purchase Order

3.    Accounts Payable sends payment to Supplier


The Purchasing User is responsible for notifying Supplier in writing that Purchase Order is cancelled and to cancel PO off Agresso.

 [1] The Purchase Order details are available to view by all online Users of the Financial Management System, Agresso.


BVS January 2014


UL Procurement Office    

Contact Information: The Office of Procurement and Supply Chain Management,
University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.
Telephone: +353-61-233715, Facsimile: +353-61-233642,

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