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What is meant by Tender or Quotation? 
The terms 'Quotation' and 'Tender' are used to describe the methods of procuring goods and services at the most cost effective prices whilst taking account of current Irish and European legislation.  A formal tender procedure shall be used for all purchases with an estimated value in excess of €25,000 when a minimum of three offers to supply shall be sought.  If the expected offer is likely to exceed €25,000, then the Procurement and Contracts Office must be consulted and details of the tender maintained on a central record.  In the event the value of the purchase may be €193,000 or more, the tender process must be coordinated by the Procurement and Contracts Office to ensure compliance with Irish and European legislation.


For purchases of values between €5,000 and €25,000 (excluding VAT), at least three written quotations are required which should be invited by using the official quotation document available from the Procurement and Contracts Office.  Quotations can be prepared from the approved supplier listing on the Procurement web page. The Supplier Selection Form must be completed where there are less than three quotes.


Please confirm that quotations have been received by ticking the box provided on the Purchase Requisition Form.  Also include the Suppliers' Quotation or Reference No. in the Description



Does Purchasing need a copy of the quotes?


No, Department Head is responsible for keeping quotes on file for audit purposes, for twelve years.


What are the tender/quotation thresholds?

Need to Purchase


under €5,000

No quotations required

€5,000 - €25,000

Three (3) written quotations

€25,001 - €193,000

UL Tender Procedure


UL Procurement Office    

Contact Information: The Office of Procurement and Supply Chain Management,
University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.
Telephone: +353-61-233715, Facsimile: +353-61-233642,

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