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Blanket POs



Official Purchase Orders (Blanket) can be raised when purchasing goods on a call-up basis from the University's Suppliers.  These goods are low value, repetitive items, such as Stationery, Toners, Components, Gas.


BLANKET Purchase Orders can be raised at any time but ideally it should be at the start of the Financial Year (1 October) for ordering on a call-up basis for the anticipated expenditure up to 30 September of the following year.  All Blanket Orders expire on 30 September unless agreed with the Cost Centre Manager. 


The type of goods plus the person(s) responsible for ordering the goods on behalf of the Cost Centre Manager should be clearly indicated on the Purchase Requisition, e.g. under 'Description' write

            'Toner supply on a call-up basis by John Smith, President's Office.'


Once an Official Purchase Order (Blanket) is raised, goods can be ordered directly by the Department from the Supplier, as required, by the responsible person, QUOTING THE PURCHASE ORDER NO.  The Department should keep a record of goods ordered together with prices.  Copies of Invoices are available in Accounts Payable for reconciliation purposes.


On receipt of the Goods, Delivery Dockets quoting PO No. should be signed by the Responsible Person and sent to Goods Inwards immediately to clear for payment. 


Office Supplies

Blanket Orders can be used for the University's Contracted Suppliers, list available on Procurement website.

Note:  Separate Purchase Orders should be raised for Stationery, Toners, and Paper as the coding is different for each of these, i.e.

  • Stationery:        3500 + cost centre + 10
  • Toner:               3400 + cost centre + 11
  • Paper:              3400 + cost centre + 10


Laboratory Supplies


Low value, non-sensitive items such as components can be purchased using the Blanket Order system for University's Approved Suppliers, list available on Procurement website.   Normal Procurement Policy and Procedures should be followed.




The purchase of equipment, books, chemicals, or hazardous material is not allowed under the Blanket Order system.  The Department concerned will be held responsible if there are any breaches of this rule.


On-Line Ordering using Blanket Orders


Contact the Supplier directly to get access to their on-line ordering facility.  An Official Purchase Order Number must be quoted at all times when placing orders on-line with the Supplier.


BVS October 2012



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