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Policy Overview

Mission Statement

The Office of Procurement and Supply Chain Management's mission is to consistently obtain goods and services at best value for money through the optimum combination of whole life cost and quality that meets the University of Limerick's requirements.

This will enable the University to deliver to the highest level of excellence its education and research services. The Office of Procurement and Supply Chain Management is committed to listening, teaching, sharing, and developing skills and confidence in the field of procurement while encouraging consideration of sustainable solutions to our procurement needs.

Co-operating with Budget holders, staff, other universities and suppliers, the Office of Procurement and Supply Chain Management aims to become the centre of knowledge, expertise and excellence in the supply of goods and services.

UL Procurement Office

Scope of the Procurement policy

  • The procurement policy covers the management and control of all non-pay expenditure.
  • This document has been designed to reflect the University's organisational structure whereby Management responsibility is devolved to Department Heads and Budget holders. In the interest of clarity the document refers throughout to departments and personnel who for the purposes of this document covers all areas and individuals who spend funds on behalf of the University.
  • The document sets out the formal University of Limerick procurement policy. The aim is to benefit all departments in the expenditure of non pay budgets and ensure best practice.

Purchasing objective: To ensure that all funds committed to purchase goods and services obtain optimum quality, service, and value for money including delivery, customer service, and overall supplier performance.

The objective will be fulfilled by:

  • Informing and guiding all personnel and departments of the University's policies and procedures for the purchase of goods and services.
  • Developing and implementing a value for money consciousness throughout the purchasing process.
  • Developing and implementing the means by which departments may measure and improve their purchasing performance.
  • Pursuing and developing co-operative relationships between the Office of Procurement and Supply Chain Management, University departments and other Irish universities procurement organisations .

Adherence to Irish Law and EU Directives: The University places great emphasis on accountability, efficiency, transparency and value for money. This is in line with Government policy in the public service. In accordance with this policy the government published guidelines on public procurement as published on the e-tenders website, outlines the national procedures to be followed by all persons involved in the award of contracts. It is University procurement policy that all procurement activity shall adhere to the Government Procurement Guidelines.

The following principles must be complied with:

  • Competitive tendering must be used, unless exceptional circumstances apply.
  • Tax clearance certificates are obligatory in all cases where orders or cumulative orders exceed 10,000 euro in any twleve month period.
  • National guidelines apply, not only to formal, written contracts, but also to all procurement disposals and revenue from services provided by UL.
  • If the value of the contract exceeds the current financial threshold in the EU directive, the contract shall be open for competition across the EU and shall be advertised in the Official Journal of European Union (OJEU). The threshold figure for the OJEU is based on total University expenditure on any one item, collective product grouping, (i.e. stationery, chemicals) or service. The EU threshold is exclusive of VAT and expenses, and does not only apply to individual departmental spending but includes the total collective purchases across the University.
  • EU Public Procurement Directives shall be followed where a project is wholly or partly financed (50% or greater) by EU institutions.
  • EU Public Procurement Directives have legal force and shall be followed.

If you are in any doubt about how to proceed in any matter relating to the purchase or disposal of goods or services contact the Procurement and Supply Chain Manager.


UL Procurement Office    

Contact Information: The Office of Procurement and Supply Chain Management,
University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.
Telephone: +353-61-233715, Facsimile: +353-61-233642,

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