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Psychology Postgraduate Studies
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Name: Carmel Joyce

Present Position: PhD Student

Qualifications: B.A. (Hons) Psychological Studies, Sociology and Political Studies. Higher Diploma in Applied Psychology.


Project Title: Embodying Imagined Communities: The role of collective participation in the transformation of Irish identities.

Project Supervisors:
Dr. Clifford Stevenson

Funding Authority: IRCHSS and ESRC (UK)

Brief Description of Project Aim:

It is widely agreed in the literature that concrete manifestations of nationalism are notoriously difficult to obtain for empirical study as nationhood is now thought to derive from the imagination of those who consider themselves part of a common national community. Large public gatherings can create an opportunity to anchor the national imagination through the employment of symbols and national icons, invoking a sense of shared past and common destiny. The present study takes as an example the St Patrick's Day celebrations in Dublin and Belfast. The aim of this study is to capture participants' national imaginings through photo elicitation interviews (PEI) and the active re-construction of the crowd event.


Stevenson, C., Muldoon, O.T., Joyce, C. (2009). Bringing the national imagination to life at the St. Patrick's Day Parade: Examining the role of collective participation in the construction of national identity. Paper to be presented at the International Society of Political Psychology. Dublin.

Joyce, C. (2008). When in Rome: Examining the pattern of moral and informational beliefs in Irish and Non-National participants, taking into account length of residency in Ireland. Paper presented at the Irish Psychological Society Student Conference. Limerick.

Expected Completion Date: Sept 2011

Postal Address:
Psychology Department
CSIS Building
University of Limerick
Co. Limerick
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