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Jennifer Schweppe, BCL LLM Grad Dip

Name: Jennifer Schweppe
Position: Lecturer
Phone: +353-61-202344
Fax: +353-61-202417
Office: FG002


Having graduated with a BCL from UCD, Jennifer was awarded an Open Post Graduate Scholarship while completing her LLM by research. She was then awarded an internship with the Federal Defender Programme in Chicago, after which she worked as a legal researcher in the Office of the Attorney General and as a legal researcher for the Law Reform Commission.

She began working at the University of Limerick in 2004. Her research interests lie in the areas of hate crimes, abortion law, miscarriages of justice and legal education, and she has published widely in these areas. She completed a Graduate Diploma in Academic Practice at the University of Limerick, and is currently undertaking a PhD at Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Professor Ivana Bacik entitled, "Contextualising Hate Crimes: Punishing Emotions and Uncovering Motivation in the Criminal Law". She is founder and co-director of CUES (Contemporary Understandings of Emotions in Society). Based on her expertise in the area of abortion law, Jennifer was invited to make a submission to the Joint Committee on Health and Children on the issue of legislating for Article 40.3.3 in January 2013.

Jennifer was the President of the Irish Association of Law Teachers for 2009-2010. She won the Small Group Teaching Award at the University of Limerick in 2010. She then went on to be awarded a National Award for Excellence in Teaching by NAIRTL in 2011 and was a finalist for the European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Humanities and Social Sciences in 2012.

She is the Course Director for the Structured PhD in Criminal Justice, and the Director for Postgraduate studies in the School of Law.


Jennifer teaches Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure to undergraduate students and Criminal Justice Processes and Sentencing to postgraduate students.


Books, Special Editions and Edited Collections

Catherine O'Sullivan, Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain (eds), Legislating for Article 40.3.3: Abortion Law in Ireland (Special Issue of the Irish Journal of Legal Studies) (Forthcoming 2013)

Jennifer Schweppe and John Stannard (eds), Law and Emotions (Special Issue of the Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly) (Forthcoming 2013)  

Thomas Mohr and Jennifer Schweppe (eds), Thirty Years of the Irish Association of Law Teachers (Round Hall 2011) (Editor)  

Jennifer Schweppe, Rónán Kennedy, Larry Donnelly and Elaine Fahey, How to Think, Write and Cite: Key Skills for Irish Law Students (Round Hall 2011)

Vicky Conway, Yvonne Daly and Jennifer Schweppe, Irish Criminal Justice: Theory, Process and Procedure (Clarus Press 2010)

The Unborn Child, Article 40.3.3° and Abortion in Ireland: 25 Years of Protection? (The Liffey Press 2008) (Editor)

 Jennifer Schweppe and Dermot Walsh, Combating Racism and Xenophobia through the Criminal Law (National Action Plan Against Racism 2008) available at

Selected Journal Articles

Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain, 'Article 40.3.3 and the Capacity to Survive Outside the Womb' (2013) Irish Journal of Legal Studies (Forthcoming)

'Pardon Me: The Contemporary Application of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy' (2013) 49 Irish Jurist (Forthcoming)

Jennifer Schweppe and John Stannard, 'What's so "Special" about Law and Emotions' (2013) Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly (Forthcoming)

Vicky Conway and Jennifer Schweppe, 'What is a Miscarriage of Justice? An Irish Answer to an International Problem' (2013) 35 Dublin University Law Journal 1.

 'Defining Characteristics and Politicising Victims: A Legal Perspective' (2012) 10(1) Journal of Hate Studies 173

'Taking Responsibility for the "Abortion Issue": Thoughts on Legislative Reform in the Aftermath of A, B and C' (2011) 14(2) Irish Journal of Family Law 50

'Best to Agree to Disagree? Parental Discord, Children's Rights and the Question of Immunisation' (2008) 37(2) Common Law World Review147

Sinead Eaton and Jennifer Schweppe, 'Peer Observation: Reflecting on a Mirror of Your Teaching' (2007) 4(2) European Journal of Legal Education 181

'Article 42A.5 - A Comment' (2007) 17(4) Irish Criminal Law Journal 1

'Combating Racism through the Criminal Law' (2007) 14 Spectrum 9.

'Revisiting Article 40.3.3: Part Two: Pregnant Women and Unborn Children: An Irreconcilable Conflict?' (2006) 1 Irish Journal of Family Law 19

'Revisiting Article 40.3.3: Part One: Third Party Foetal Assault' (2005) 4 Irish Journal of Family Law 19.

'What's in a Word?: The Definition of a "Sentence" in the Law Reform Commission's Consultation Paper on Prosecution Appeals from Unduly Lenient Sentences in the District Court' (2005) 15(3) Irish Criminal Law Journal 24

'Mothers, Fathers, Children and the Unborn: The Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution Bill' [2001] Irish Student Law Review 136

Chapters in Books:

Rónán Kennedy, Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain, 'Teaching Legal Writing Using the Web: Possibilities and Practicalities'in Evaluating the Impact of Digital Resources in Higher Education (National Digital Learning Repository 2012)

Thomas Mohr and Jennifer Schweppe 'Irish Scholarship, Irish Law and the Irish Association of Law Teachers' in Thomas Mohr and Jennifer Schweppe (eds), Thirty Years of Legal Scholarship: The Irish Association of Law Teachers (Round Hall 2011)

'"A Constitutionally Permissible Abortion?" The Right to Travel, the Role of the Medical Profession and the Duty of the HSE' in Jennifer Schwepe (ed), The Unborn Child, Article 40.3.3° and Abortion in Ireland: 25 Years of Protection? (The Liffey Press 2008)

'The Law Reform Commission's Proposals on Legal Capacity of the Older Person' in Eoin O'Dell (ed), Older People in Modern Ireland: Essays on Law and Policy (Firstlaw 2006)

'Minor's Consent to Medical Treatment' in Law Society of Ireland Law Reform Committee Child Law (Law Society 2006)

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